Tuesday, July 14, 2015

About Wifi....

Some of you more health conscious readers may realize that wi-fi and other signals create an "electro-magnetic pollution".  But in our modern world, it's hard to use a smart phone or a tablet without access to wi-fi.  So, how do we balance function and health?  Here's what we choose to do for our family:

(Yes, it's an affiliate link, but I paid full price for mine and it's my honest recommendation).  

This router has an amazing feature...an on/off button for wi-fi!  So, want to look something up? Yes, we have to walk over and click a button.  Better than driving somewhere and MUCH better than having to sleep all night with signals you don't need.  If you can just turn it off for 8 hours a night, you've reduced the time your home has signals by 1/3! We have our desk-top computer hard-wired in and only use the wi-fi for phone, tablet, or laptop.  

As a note, for full benefits, you also need to turn the signals off on your phone and other devices...all you need to do is click to airplane mode when you go to sleep and on again in the morning.  You'll save battery power on your devices as well. If you think someone might need to get a hold of you in the night, you can turn off wi-fi only and leave the phone signals on, but consider you might not want that right by your head all night.

Hope this tip helps you find the right balance for your home!