Friday, October 5, 2007

Food--Created or still evolving?

Today, I feel like philosophizing. I'm not a dietitian, a theologian, or a philosopher, but these are my musings. If you don't have time to read ramblings, skip to another post!

The Apostle Paul taught that God's power and divine nature are clearly evident in what he made. (That's in Romans 1:20 in your Bible.) So, my question for those of you who believe in a creator is: why do we think we can improve on what God has already done?

Now, I'm not as committed as my raw food friends to making NO changes, but I'm talking nutrition here. Why do we think that "low fat", "reduced calorie", and "Dr. Joe-Blow's diet" food could really be better for us than what God created? I see an alarming trend of declining health in our country, especially when I look at the health of the babies in my community. I could say much on this, but I would rather stick to the point.

If we look at the world as evolving, we will naturally try to help the evolution along with "brilliant" ideas like gene modification or creating sweeteners with no calories and all nutrients removed or heating the milk to high temperatures to kill bacteria that would not exist in a clean environment.

For me trusting that God's creation is good, means trusting that it is designed to be what my body needs. He doesn't need our help to create a more perfect food. Think of every time you eat a God-made food it's like a deposit in the "Health Saving Account" of your body and every time you eat something that is altered by man it's a withdrawal. My standard of altered by man is could I create it at home or even better, could ancient people do this? So, high fructose corn syrup may comes from corn, but it doesn't qualify as natural in my book. Scrambled eggs=deposit. White flour=withdrawal.

So, my encouragement for the day--make sure your body's "Health Savings Account" is in the positive--in fact keep it ready for the high expenses that come with flu seasons, an electronic world, and stress. And you'll be surprised at how many little problems can go away and how you don't have to catch every bug that comes around! Even with Lyme Disease, I rarely worry about catching a cold even when "everyone" is sick. It's one time it's nice to be different. Health isn't luck--it's a lifestyle choice. If you've enjoyed better health than the average, thank your parents and grandparents and keep it that way.


Lori said...

I LOVE this post!!! I'm linking it if you don't mind. What a great thought.

Lymeade Lady said...

I don't mind at all! I'm glad you enjoyed it.