Monday, October 22, 2007

THE Wellness Workout

The T-Tapp Wellness Workout is one of the BEST health tools I have. It's simple, effective, and short. It makes exercise easy and has lots of extra health boosts built-in and is really unique. The website has lots of exercises online, so you can try before you buy. I really have never tried anything SO incredible. Everyone of my friends who tried has also been amazed.

It has helped people: lose weight and inches without dieting, tone, improve health dramatically (such as getting off diabetes medication or overcoming Chronic Fatigue symptoms), change posture, and get their body back in a few weeks after childbirth. It builds Core muscles and you are working multiple muscles with every exercise. You can get to fat-burning mode in the simple 15 min. workout. If you are healthy and have time, the 45 min. "Total Work-out" really tones your body.

It does NOT involve: jumping, weights, equipment, or need a lot of space. There is no music. No floor work.

My Story: The first thing that convinced me was doing the "organs in place" exercise and finding that I lost a pants size in a couple weeks b/c my baby belly was going back in it's place after 2 years!

I have a co-infection of Epstein-Barr virus and so I was always too tired to do any exercise. Once a week, I was walking to church which is 3 blocks away and that was tiring. I tried doing a treadmill or some weights and the next day I could hardly do anything beyond getting out of bed. Not from soreness but from fatigue and a general increase of symptoms. I had read the incredible testimonies on the website and decided to try the Basic Workout. (I should have gotten the "T-Tapp More Workout".) Unfortunately, I tried doing it everyday and the whole program and had the same problem of basically collapsing. But b/c of the wonderful customer service, I found out how I could adapt the program and do it every other day and not wear out. In fact I found I that I HAVE to do it every other day if I want to keep my energy up. Even the adapted workout is hard for me to do, but about 20 min. afterwards, I feel great!

You see it helps greatly in 2 areas: it helps your back and your lymph systems. I used to have a place in my back that was almost always out of adjustment despite chiropractic visits. I started doing the workout and found I never need any kind of adjustment! My chiropractor doesn't know what to think, but I've seen the exact same results with my husband and a friend! And the spinal alignment affects your overall health in many ways. Second, it helps your body flush out toxins with unique moves that work you lymphatic system. An added bonus for me is that I actually have a consistent measure of how I'm doing (For example, I can tell my back is stiffer or this move was easier, etc.)

Everyone needs to exercise. T-Tapp makes if easy AND more effective. You can't ask for much more.

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