Saturday, October 13, 2007

Clean without chemicals AND save money!

You can safely disinfect countertops (proven in studies) by filling 2 spray bottles with things you may already have at your home: white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide (3%). The mistake I first made was to put them in the same bottle (it makes something totally different-oops!) Some you take the 2 separate bottles and spray one and a time on counters, cutting boards, or whatever and it disinfects. Or spray them on veggies and rinse off to clean them. Use the the hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to scrub stains, such as bathtubs and toilets. Use the vinegar and peroxide for windows and mirrors. And throw out all those toxic cleaners and don't spend money on them again!

Now for those of you that aren't convinced that the chemicals in your house get absorbed, you might want to try this experiment. There is an old home remedy to put onions on your feet for a cold. Try this. Slice an onion. Put a couple slices in a bag on the floor and stick your feet on them. Within minutes, you'll have a faint taste of onion in your mouth! So, think about touching the sink faucet if it's cleaned with bleach and remember chlorine is a carcinogen. Then think about how stuff gets absorbed into the air, which never really gets out of your house. Then think of the how cheap hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are!

Till we all have cleaner and healthier homes....


lasue3 said...

Great info! Thanks.

Laura from DOUA

Gavi said...

I use vinegar for almost all of my cleaning as well as in place of fabric softener! Works great and is very cheap.