Friday, October 5, 2007

Grains...a few more thoughts....

I want to add a couple last things.

First, though I mentioned the freshly ground grains, I failed to explain the how. In Sue Gregg cookbooks, she has a special way of putting whole grains in the blender that grinds them up! (See the recipe link from last post.) But if you have some money to invest, a grain mill and a Bosch mixer are the way to go for making bread. A grain mill grinds whole grains into flour. And the Bosch mixer then makes the dough so efficiently, you can skip the rising and punch down process, so it only takes a few minutes!! I've seen it done, but am still saving my money for this personally. A great site for both of these appliances as well as information about how to make and soak bread is .

Secondly, I want to pose the what is "natural". For most of mankind's existence, the grains had to be hand-ground and then soaked and then the bread made (no Bosch to knead for them!) So, how much bread should we have? Well, I know if I had to make bread that way, we would probably eat less of it. So, be sure you watch that you don't let your grains replace your fresh fruit and vegetables!

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