Thursday, October 11, 2007

Skin Brushing helps that?

Ok, so I started blogging here when I was doing SO much better. But shortly after I reached that point, I've been under tons of unavoidable life stress, so I'm not at the top of my game these days. But I just had to share a cool story.

I was recently on a last-minute trip (think possible job change/move) and due to the stress and lack of my normal diet and lack of a full night's sleep, I started feeling bad. I woke up the second morning feeling nauseous, but kicked it with the rest of the Kombucha/ginger drink I had! Unfortunately, the same thing happened the 3rd morning and I had no more drink. When I did finally move, my eyes were horribly bloodshot and the black circles which were there the day before were horrid. I wish I had a picture.

Well, I remembered the day before that it had also seemed to help when I skin brushed. (I'll explain what it is in a later post. ) So, I spend 5-10 min. skin brushing and at the end I don't feel nauseous AND the red is TOTALLY gone from my eyes and the black mostly faded. If I had a picture you wouldn't believe that it was only 5 min. later. And I don't brush my face--just the rest of my body!

Now, in all honesty, I should confess, I went to breakfast and only drank tea and well it eventually came back up. Skin brushing is not a cure-all. In fact, none of this stuff I talk about is. But the thing with my eyes was a sign of how such a simple act can really increase our health.

And my goal is to get as much of these health building pluses in, trusting it will eventually win my health battle. So, look for the little signs that things are helping. The big changes (in our lives and our bodies) come slowly. But don't be afraid to pray for a miracle!

PS--Anybody tried this for pregnancy nausea? It makes me wonder if it would help. But I'm not personally able to test this one out right now!

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