Saturday, October 27, 2007

How to be clean AND healthy...

Our society is germ-a-phobic. We have anti-bacterial everything. But do you know that antibacterial soap contain an ingredient that can turn into chlorine when mixed with water. So, just wash your hands in bleach (read with sarcasm, please.)

Last year, I switched to castile soap, specifically Dr. Bronner's. I buy a large bottle and put maybe 2 teaspoons in a foam soap pump (buy foaming soap and throw out what comes in the bottle) and it lasts forever. We're only on our second bottle and we use it for hand washing, for body wash, and for homemade diaper wipes. (By the way, if you want to use it more than for hands, don't get the peppermint, which can be too strong on for body wash on sensitive areas. )

If you don't think soap matters much, consider the onions-on-your-feet test (from this earlier post) and remember your body is absorbing all those ingredients you can't pronounce. The Bible talks a lot about hand washing, but they only used water. So, I figure water's the main point, but I still use a bit of soap anyway.

This is a great change to make b/c it's another one that can save money and take chemicals out of your environment. And it's an easy switch to make. Winter is a perfect time to try this out b/c I found my hands were not so dried out by washing. So you can save money on lotion (most of which are not good for you anyway.)
Remember slow and steady wins the race. So what are you doing this week to move towards health?

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