Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another reason to use natural cleaners

Convenience could be called the god of our age.  And we sacrifice a lot on the alter of convenience. One of those things is health.

I am a big believer in getting the chemicals out of your house.  Sadly, I read a news story today about how kids things that Tide Pods are candy.  Click here to see the story at ABC.

Tide is working on better child-proof packaging, but really, if it is poison,do you really want it on your clothes everyday, even in small amounts?  In addition to danger for children who might swallow it, chemicals can get into your air. They remain behind after use.  And all-day everyday exposure for our whole life just doesn't seem safe.  With a large dose, the body works to get it out.  But what about a tiny, but steady does? 

At our house I use Soap Nuts for washing.  I also use white vinegar occasionally for rinse.  And I have found that I need a spotter (I used diluted amounts of Meyer's laundry detergent--which was what I used before Soap Nuts) and OxyClean (OK, probably not the best) for my whites.  I recently found a recipe homemade version for OxyClean, so when I get around to trying it, if find that it works, I'll be sure and share.  I didn't throw out all my chemicals in a day.  I adopted the philosophy of chemicals aren't good and slowly work at it. 

Little by little is way to win the race.  And good health is definitely a marathon!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Avoid candy? Cows may not--and here I thought they ate grass!

You are what you eat, they say.   Do you think the same is true for cows?  Or at least a cow with a healthy diet is healthy?  And a human eating the beef from a healthy cow is healthy?  Well, today I read a couple reports about farmers mixing candy unfit for humans into their cows' feed (links below). Since the shelf-life of most candy and other mostly-sugar products is years, it makes you wonder what's wrong with them.  Even worse, some of the candy still has wrappers (I think I see some at 31 secs on the video I linked). 

This is just unbelievable!  Apparently,several farmers are doing this and have in the past.  A university professor of animal nutrition says the feed has all the right nutrients in it and one of the farmer says they are "healthy" and gaining weight (implying, therefore it's good!) Just think what kinds of things they might feed them that they don't admit on TV!  Glad I know the farmer that raises most our beef lets them eat grass.  Think I'll look for ways to cut out the occasional store beef despite climbing food costs.  May the Lord have mercy on us!

Article with video at the bottom:

Article with pictures of candy:

And here's an article about a second farmer:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Are you aware that some cleaners in you home contain dangerous chemicals?  Do you want to know which ones are the worst? Environmental Working Group has come out with a hall of shame for the worst cleaners:

Did you see the Green Cleaner in the list?!? Guess you can't trust marketing!  Did you know there is really no need for Comet (which is found in the hall of shame) if you have baking soda?  If you are wondering how to clean without chemicals, you can learn more under natural cleaners.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This is a fascinating study comparing vaccinated children versus unvaccinated ones.  The results, well let's just say it lines up with my health "worldview":  Did God design for us to have things go directly in our veins to improve immunity?  Read the survey for yourself and see what you think.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Extreme Recipe Makeover

At a family gathering, I tried a delicious dish that the cook called "Sammies".  Of course, it had ham (which I almost never touch, as I avoid the "dirty" foods mentioned in the Bible), white flour bread, and sugar.  But it's so easy to make it healthy.  Only problem is I need to exercise self-control not to overeat!

Make your sandwiches as normal.  I use natural sandwich meat DeBecca and Organic Valley raw cheddar cheese.  I make it on my homemade bread.

The standard way to make it is to place sandwiches in a casserole dish, pour sauce over the top, and then cook in the oven (about 350 F) for 20 min or so.  I have also poured it over a grill cheese and meat sandwich I made.  Anyway the sauce is made by mixing:

Melted Butter (make sure it's high quality)
Organic Tamari (organic is important with any soy so it's not GMO)
Mustard powder (or you could use real mustard--we never have any)
Poppy seeds
A dash of Stevia (other sweeteners are ok, but Stevia is the healthiest.  This is one recipe where I think it tastes just as good, which is not always the case.) 

When I make things up, I don't measure.  Sorry!  But butter is the main ingredient and largest proportion.  Tamari is less, but a decent amount--the rest is in small amounts.  And I listed them in order from largest to least.  And I taste it before I pour it on. 

A simple conversion and in my opinion a much yummier sandwich.  I especially like that my hearty bread soaks up the sauce so well.

Don't say I didn't warn you that they are addictive.  ENJOY!