Saturday, December 29, 2007

How to lose weight, gain health, and stay sane (or how to not "try harder"!)

Tired of trying to have more "self-control" but equally tired of being unhealthy? Well, maybe it's time to realize it's the SYSTEM that's broke--not that your not trying hard enough. This year find something that works as a life style change, not another sprint.

I've been working about 2 years so far and I've made quite a few lifestyle changes. But I made them slowly and for the long haul. Before you give anything up, find a healthy replacement. For example, if you crave something fatty and sweet like ice cream, eat some almond butter (fat and protein) mixed with some honey (sweet). Voila--craving satisfied and diet not ruined! And the best way to lose weight is to get your body health so it can do what it was made to do.

If you want a tangible New Year's resolution try this: "make at least 1 diet or healthy lifestyle change a month." Then, at the beginning of every month, make a mini goal. Here's some suggestions:

January: Replace your salt with "RealSalt" or "Celtic Sea Salt", replace all vinegar with raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, white flour with whole wheat flour, and all sugar with honey (or Maple Syrup, Sucanot, Stevia, or Agave.)

February: Eliminate cokes and other sugar filled drinks. Replace with homemade lemonade (2 Tbsp maple syrup and 2 Tbsp lemon juice in a glass of water) or herbal tea sweetened with honey.

March: Begin reading labels of food in order to avoid anything that's not food in a natural state. Watch out for white flour (called "wheat flour"), sugar, corn syrup, and chemical sounding names.

April: Replace eating out (or eating a processed/prepared meal) with cooking a simple from scratch meal once a week. If you need some suggestions, try Sue Gregg cookbooks (they have sample recipes to try online free.)

May: Start the T-Tapp basic workout--15 min. every other day.

June: Get a high quality water filter and drink more water in the day.

Just imagine how much more energy and health you would have if you could make those 6 changes in the first half of the new year. Then, imagine how much healthier you'll be in 3 years if you MAINTAIN those changes! These kinds of small changes of changed my life.

May God strengthen you in 2008!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! My Gift to Bring a Little Joy to the Season!

Smiling and laughing are healthy, so watch and enjoy! And may you have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Chicken Soup Cure

One of my favorite healing meals is a soup made from homemade Chicken Broth. In fact, today I was starting to feel a cold coming on b/c of the cold, lack of sleep, and general busyness. So, I started out lunch with Chicken Broth and added Tamari (for saltiness--RealSalt would work too), a dash of cayenne and a small clove of fresh garlic (both for health and added right before eating). Now it was pretty strong with the garlic and cayenne, but it really did the trick.

Now how I made the Broth:

Take a whole Chicken (organic or at least natural--you can afford it if you are buying the whole chicken) and cut the wings off and cut them up. Put it all in a large crockpot and cover with water. (If your ambitious you can take off the skin, but that's too hard for me.) Add a few Tablespoons of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. Add a few vegetables, like Carrots and Onions. Add some spices, like Basil, Oregano. Ideally fresh, but I never have those! Cook for 12-24 hours. The vinegar makes the calcium come right out of the bones, into the broth, and into you! The bones will be extremely brittle.

Take the chicken out (use for whatever). Strain out the vegetables and bones. Refrigerate until the fat is solid on top (I usually wait about a day.) Take the fat (and all the toxins in it) off. Freeze some of the broth in 1-2 c. portions to use in cooking.

Make the rest into a soup. Sometimes I just add the vegetables and the small bits of chicken back in along with some cooked rice and tomato sauce and spice it to taste. I just love these soups and fill so satisfied. I've learn that I am most satisfied with my food when it's healthy like this.

Now you know why your grandma said eat Chicken Noodle Soup for a cold. Unfortunately, the store bought stuff is not made this way, so you probably didn't think her advice worked. But now you know!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why does natural (alternative) health have to be so confusing?

First, I'll give you my philosophical idea. You see--I think God put everything we need in nature for us to use. So, every part of the world has it's own natural healing methods. But now with global-connectedness we can access lots of "miracle" herbs. And b/c un-conventional med is not reg like conv. med. there is lots of competition.

Second reason is the FDA. Do you know that if I were selling Vitamin E on this website, I couldn't "advertise" that a credible medical study showed it decreases menstrual cramps? Nope. I could just sell you Vitamin E and maybe hint at what it's good for. That makes using herbs and vitamins a lot of guess work. That's why I'm a big-time Ron Paul supporter. He's a doctor who is running for president and his solution to health care is to give more freedom in the supplement area and to stop all the government intervention. (Did you know Congress basically created HMO's?) Those who want to help people by sharing there knowledge of natural health solutions are severely limited in what they can do. We as people are not trusted to make good decisions for ourselves.

December 16 is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party and Ron Paul supporters are uniting to send a message that we want our freedoms back. Go to to watch and see how many millions Ron Paul will raise this Sunday and to read more about the revolution happening in our country. Like me, you may find the first politician you've ever considered campaigning for.

So, until there is more freedom of communication here's what you can your own research online (or read this blog for my research) and find a few brands of products you trust. Personally the brands I trust include RBC Life Sciences (they test each product to ensure that manufacturers aren't cross-contaminating), Garden of Life, and Young Living. Garden of Life is sold in stores and the other 2 through distributors. If you want to add to my list of trusted companies, please comment below.

And don't forget to help get those elected who are for "health freedom". Register to vote Republican and get to your primary in 2008. Consider giving on Dec 16th. And allow the companies to share the research and allow you to take authority for your own health.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What about healing?

At church we were singing a song about God healing our soul and it struck me that I need to remember: while I'm waiting on and working for my physical healing, I daily have access to healing for my soul: my heart and mind. When you are fighting illness, you deal daily with small losses that add up. And it can way heavy on your heart. But there is a friend who wants to carry your burden for you. And this is the kind of healing that's available instantaneously!

If you know someone who is chronically ill (or worse, terminally ill), you might want to consider this. You can pray for their physical healing and maybe able to help them in some practical way toward that healing. BUT don't forget to help them find the emotional healing that comes from someone caring or just letting them cry. It's hard to mourn losses of chronic illness-they are small and consistent and mundane and hard to pen down--but they add up to a huge loss. Sometimes you get so used to being sick, you forget what it's like to be normal.

If you have health losses weighing down your soul, join me in offering them in your own way to the God who longs to come and whisper a word of healing to your soul. This is the healing that's available now, even while we hope and long for our bodies to be restored.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

One seventh of our national earning goes to healthcare!

And that doesn't include "alternative" health care costs! (From Restoring the Creation Mandate by Dr. Roger De Haan) Makes you want to re-think whether you can afford healthy food. Maybe the question should be can we afford to be under-nourished by the cheap food most of us eat.

Let's all just keep increasing our nutrition and decreasing our disease. Bring a few others along with you and together we can turn this trend around.

Friday, November 30, 2007

For Women...Tips on health as it applies to us.

For years I took Advil (and later Aleve) once a month. I toughed it out as much as possible, but I was dependent on the medicine. BUT finally, someone told me that I could take Vitamin E. It was actually tested in a legitimate medical study as effective for menstrual cramps!! And guess what it works! You are supposed to start taking it a few days before, but honestly, I never think about it. So, when I would have taken pain reliever, now I take 2 Vitamin E tablets. When I feel pain again later, I take more. Simple. I've also found that Evening Primrose Oil (in a capsule) works too. So get rid of the drugs and go with the vitamins!

Ok, now for the more adventurous. Want to reduce cramps and shorten the length and heaviness of your cycle? Go natural!! Do you know that bleaching paper products produces a known carcinogen? This includes tampons. A nice alternative is the Diva. It takes a while to get used to (just remember what it was like with tampons as a teenager), but once you figure it out, it's like having nothing and being able to go for up to 12 hours!!! The website can explain all this better than I can (or want to!)

OR you can try cloth pads. I was sceptical, but am very pleased. Just rinse and put in a bucket, then wash with your normal laundry. Or put a stain-type spray on them without soaking. They are so much more comfortable. Buy dark colors, and you don't have to worry much about stains. And think what you are willing to do if it makes that time a bit shorter (for me about 1/2 a day, but it can vary for different people). And you save money and are nice to the environment.

Now, I'll be real and say going natural is something that took me a long time to get around to. But it's not as bad as I thought. Feel free to go slow on changes and do what you are comfortable with. But take some time to research your options and you may find it's not such a hard change after all.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

If it's all about me, then I won't be the "one".

(Beware--it's time for some philosophical rambling.)

This morning, I heard (again) the story of the 10 lepers that Jesus healed and how only 1 (not even a Jew) returned praising God, falling at Jesus' feet, and expressing thanks. As I thought about the story, I realized that it seems the difference in the 1 vs. the 9 is simply focus. Stay with me and I'll explain.

I mean I can vividly imagine a dramatic healing and the amazing freedom it would mean. Imagine every action is restricted. You'd feel like a prisoner and suddenly your free--you can do all the things you've missed for years and years. What would you do first? See, that depends on your focus. If it's "all about me", then you have probably dwelt on what YOU couldn't do for all the time and how unfair, so now it's time to catch up on the lost years.

BUT if it's all about God, then you wouldn't be focused on yourself, but on the awesomeness of the God that healed you. And then you would have had the chance to be the one. Think about it--the nine got healed, but the one got healed AND got to praise the living God in person on earth. It seems to me, that the others missed God in the process of enjoying His gift of health.

So, now where I get convicted. What about my sickness? Is it all about me? What I miss out on? What I can't do? How this affects me? By the way there is a good "me" question to ask: Did I do something to cause or allow this? (My answer would be "yes-carelessness with my health.")

Or is God the center of the universe? Maybe I should be asking: How is He using this for good? Am I allowing Him to use this for good? Does my suffering give me a closer connection to the Savior who suffered? (But not why did God cause this?)

If I'm looking for the healing and hoping that I will be one who praises God for it. But I think I need to start now, making God the center, so I'll be focusing on Him when the healing comes.

In fact, our emotions play such a part in our health. Keeping your heart free is just another good thing you can do for your health. But let's not forget, it's not all about "me" and my health and suffering. There is a bigger picture and best of all, our suffering is only "momentary", as is our time on earth.

Eating Cereal BOXES for breakfast...

According to a study, (done as a joke) rats live longer off cereal boxes than the cereal itself! And it's possible that health food store variety could be worse. Makes you want to reconsider what your having for breakfast. See the full story at:

At least I can still have my Ezekiel 4:9 cereal. But how does one survive a baby without Cheerios??? :)

Ok, let me make this easier. Other than Ezekiel cereal, you can have a bowl of fruit, muffins, toast, eggs, homemade oatmeal, shake, or pancakes (to name a few options). You can cook something ahead of time in a big batch and freeze so you can you don't have to cook in the morning. And just think of how good muffins can be with lots of butter and raw honey--with NO guilt. You can do this, one change at a time. And you don't have to achieve perfection--just small, steady improvements.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How to Survive Thanksgiving

First, don't fear--it's one meal. Fear could do more harm to your body than the meal! (Not to mention what it does to your soul and spirit.)

Second, be very kind to your body the day before and for a day or 2 afterwards. Eat easy to digest food: natural, unprocessed food. This makes it easier for your body to deal with less than ideal foods and get them out of your digestive system before it gets bogged down with something else. I take a supplement when I eat out the has extra digestive enzymes (like bromelain from pineapple) and probiotics. This helps too.

When you choose what you eat, don't think like your on a diet. For me, some foods I don't even want if I picture what it does to me. On the other hand, I will probably have some pumpkin pie anyway. BUT it will be a small piece and I will expect to fill unsatisfied (b/c of the sugar). So, if I feel hungry, I'll one of the homemade wheat rolls I'm bringing--maybe with a bit of honey. And I'll avoid or limit sugar, dairy, and white flour for the rest of the meal. But don't feel you have to be extreme this holiday. Just know the limits your body has!

Remember to be thankful--even for unhealthy food--if someone gives it to you. We can be thankful for those we have to celebrate with. And mostly, we can be thankful that we have been given life. If you are spending Thanksgiving with family, focus on them and showing love. Count your blessings and focus on those.

Happy Thanksgiving!

More Amazing Uses for Baking Soda

This week I cleaned my stove. It's a white gas stove that had lots of burned on stuff that I'd given up on coming off. Enter baking soda. Now it's clean again. Oh and I got rust almost totaling off a stainless steel bowl WITHOUT scratching it. (I got too tired to get the last little bit off--maybe I'll try it again later.

A friend said the other day she uses baking soda whenever a baby spits up, so the clothes don't get stained. Sprinkle a little on as soon as possible. I don't have a baby to try it on, but if someone gets sick, I'll know what to try.

If you have any favorite uses for baking soda, be sure to share it in a comment. And check out the previous cleaning posts if you missed them.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Organics are worthy the price...sometimes!

There was study released recently showing organic foods does prove healthier. The organic good had more minerals and significantly more antioxidants. (You can read more on Dr. Mercola's site or in a British newspaper.) I had always wondered about organic food being "no different" b/c they TASTE so much better. But I'm thinking specifically about organics from the produce section.

I should point out that if food is processed and labeled organic, it is questionable whether it's worth your money (especially on a tight budget). Milk for example in it's natural state is "raw", not just "organic", so organic milk avoids some chemicals, but doesn't get you the benefits you expect when you pay extra for organic food. With animal products, organic does not mean that an animal is allowed to eat and live naturally, so it's all questionable if you are really getting your food "the way God intended." Buying from a local farmer is ideal. And food manufacturers may process the organic cereals so much, that your body can't even absorb the extra nutrients that you are paying for!

Did you know that buying process foods costs approximately the same amount as buying organic whole foods? Processed organic food may break the bank and gain little benefit, but whole, organic foods will cost about the same. It does take more time, but think of how much time you'll save when your not sick! Believe me, I know!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Master Cleanse--Spring Cleaning for Your Body

As I have struggled with Lyme disease, the times I have felt completely healthy have been during and following a Master Cleanse. I can vouch it is awesome. I lost weight that hadn't been budging and kept it off without any other work (but that's not a promise for everyone!) In fact, I weigh as little now as I have since I was in my teens (and I can't even do cardiovascular exercise right now.) After the fast, I had more energy and felt great! Actually by the 3rd or 4th day I felt great, with very short exceptions.

Think fasting is radical? Remember, it was the norm to fast 2 days a week in Jesus' day. (Though I wonder if it was a full fast or not.) If you study how the body repairs itself during fasts, it's as if it were created to work that way and we just never give it the chance! Hmmm.... Just think how you lose your appetite at times when you are sick. It's almost intuitive.

With that said, I should warn you, don't try a Master Cleanse (10 days!) until you are comfortable with shorter fasts. I had some 3-day fasting experience plus a major determination when I first tried it. But fasting is something anyone can do. And it's an incredible health tool.

Jordan Rubin recommends fasting one day a week--just breakfast and lunch. This is a great thing to try if fasting is new to you. In fact, it's a great lifestyle that's really not too hard after the first few weeks. Just think of the money you save on food AND health. Your never too broke to try this health tip--especially if you count the money you save when you don't have to go to the doctor! I feel so much better when I'm doing a weekly fast 1/2 day fast.

Here's some basic fasting tips:
-Don't eat a heavy "last-chance for food" supper--it just makes it worse.
-Drink TONS of water or juice
-Make sure the juice is not pasteurized or "clear"--meaning it's over-processed. Fresh juice is best.
-Come off the fast gradually--eat things like raw fruits and veggies and homemade chicken broth, but no heavy meats or pasteurized dairy (that can hurt your stomach)
-Understand your body is cleaning out--so you may experience weakness, headaches, sinus drainage, or even strong specific food craving. These are signs of the junk your body is detoxing. Remember it will either get cleaned out sometime or it can be stored and cause bigger problems later. "Pay me now or pay me later."

Now about the Master Cleanse. The basic program is fasting 10 days on what I call "spicy lemonade." Count on another day of juice fasting and then a day of eating light.

Drink several glasses a day. Here's the recipe. :
-Juice from 1/2 organic lemon (2 Tbsp.)--I used limes when I couldn't find lemons, though I don't think it's as good. Fresh is best.
-2 Tbsp. organic Grade B (or C) Maple Syrup
-1/8 tsp. (non-irradiated) cayenne pepper (start with a pinch and work your way up)

Add 8 oz. water to make a 10 oz glass and stir. You may want to stir occasionally to keep the cayenne from settling to the bottom.

Yes, organic is essential--you can't add toxins to your body and expect it to clean itself out. The price is not an issue--it's less than the food you eat in a normal day. I confess I thought it would taste bad, but it basically tastes like lemonade with a spicy aftertaste. It helps if you start slow on the cayenne. Make sure you keep it pretty well mixed so you don't get all the cayenne pepper in the last swallow! Drink it every time you are hungry and don't get dehydrated.

Actually, the program also calls for drinking salt water in the morning and a laxative tea at night. I can't handle salt water, so I just did the tea, but if I drink more than half a glass--well, let's just say, it's too effective! There really is a lot to this, but this is already long. The Dr. that created this wrote a whole book on it: The Master Cleanser. You can even find a forum on the Master Cleanse: There's lots of info on library or in books.

Hopefully, you'll consider giving you digestive system a vacation soon! It works hard for you so give it a break and it will thank you. You don't have to do it all today. BUT before you go spend tons of money on the latest health thing, try a simple, ancient secret: FAST!

Friday, November 9, 2007

It's white again!--more tips on cleaning.

Since my last cleaning article was quite a hit, I thought I'd share more: a story, a tip, and a link.

I just have to share how I shocked my husband. You see after juicing some carrots, I was cleaning our juicer (a Juiceman Jr. ). Carrot juice is like a dye and never really comes totally off (I thought) and so after years of use, the juicer was a nice orange/brown instead of off-white. BUT suddenly it hit me--try baking soda. (Do you think God whispers about cleaning a juicer?) So I sprinkled some on and continued washing with my soapy sponge and VOILA. The stain was gone. When I went after the clear cover of the juicer, well, we will just say it's clear again! My husband wanted to know what I did to it. It looked like I had bleached it!

Several years ago, I found that lemon juice takes stains off my stainless steel pan in almost the same way. So, for that white-ish stuff on you pans, squeeze a little lemon juice (fresh or the bottle) watch the magic.

This week I found a great new website: If you like detailed instructions, you'll love all the picture and step by step directions for cleaning with vinegar, baking soda, and other natural things. Check on the toilet or sink cleaning tips. The writers are motivated by helping the environment, which is a good thing. But remember that you are also greatly affected by the personal environment you create in your home. Indoor air pollution is worse than outdoor air pollution! So, make your home a safe place, and then watch how a little good health can affet the world around you.

Cleaning up the world--one home at a time!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Would you like sugar on your sandwich?

My standards for eating out/eating with others are definitely lower than eating at home. The other day, I was fixing a tuna sandwich for my daughter(not at home) and was shocked that I couldn't get around the SUGAR!!! Mayonaise has sugar (I looked at 3 different bottles). Of course most bread has HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP--which is worse than sugar. The relish was of course sweet relish--with sugar! The actual tuna was sugar-free. What do you know! One out of 4 parts of the meal are ok! (Let's not get into mercury in fish, ok!)

The average American consumes 149 lbs/ year of sugar (all sucrose and fructose combined). We are approaching .5 lbs. /day! It's almost 20% of our calories! Of course cutting out soft drink helps, but a lot of people already do that and the AVERAGE is way too high. So, what's the real problem?

PROCESSED FOODS! You see, processed food (including fast food) doesn't natually taste good. Ever noticed how you just can't freeze some things? Then add all the things machines do to the food to make it. And of course, we want a "value", so they make as cheap by picking the cheapest ingredients available. Doesn't come out tasting great, so they add manufactured (read, toxic) salt, high fructose corn syrup or sugar, and manufactured flavorings to make it taste right again. All those things like the gums in the ingredients give it the texture it is lacking. Most of our food is sweet and salty b/c it doesn't have much of it's natural flavor any more. But with the magic of tiny portions of toxic things we create almost any other flavor. Voila, it's almost like real food again! But it won't give you real health, like the food you were created to eat.

Moral of the story: read ingredients and give your mom (or wife or husband) a hug everytime they fix you a home-cooked, unprocessed meal.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Overcome cravings by feeding them!

I am a believer in self-control, but self control shouldn't HAVE to be a main part of every meal. The problem is our bodies have too much food and too little nourishment. If I go out to eat, I am totally unsatisfied with my meal if it has white flour/white sugar in it. So, I skip the bread and I don't really need self-control to avoid overeating.

My favorite trick for cutting my cravings is honey-sweetened almond butter. Especially when the almond butter is raw. I just stir a little almond butter and honey in a cup (sometimes I add a couple berries to make it interesting) and eat it with a spoon. So, it's odd, but it works. The combo of fat and sweet always seems to satisfy and keeps me away from bad stuff. Anyway, I just recently came across a list of "what your really craving." I'd been convinced that cravings are you bodies communication, but I didn't always know what it meant, so I'm very excited to get this info. I had heard before how important fermented/good-bacteria-foods are for you when you are pregnant--thus the sour cravings. But here's a few more ideas to try next time you crave something:

I know since I started eating whole foods, I have a lot let cravings and feel satisfied with my food a lot more. Just one more reason to make those diet changes--one step at a time.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Spice of Health

Somehow, someone tricked a lot of us into thinking healthy food shouldn't taste good!!! So I wanted to list a few things I use to keep my food from being bland. (Organic is best for all.)


-Garlic Salt from RealSalt

-Organic Tamari Sauce (made from soy--must say organic or at least non-GMO)

-Butter (organic--I like cultured butter)

-Honey or Maple Syrup (should not use too much, but sometimes we need it sweet!)

-Cinnamon (I love to sprinkle on toast or pancakes and then add honey)

-Salsa (buy a good quality, pref. organic, and make sure to read the ingredient list or make your own and ferment it!)

-Mayonaise (Do like the Germans do--Ketchup and Mayonaise on french fries, if you can find ones without sugar or bad oils)

-Extra virgin Coconut oil on cooked food. Extra Virgin Olive oil on uncooked.

-Homemade salad dressing: Olive oil, apple cider vinegar, tamari sauce, and honey. Mix with these ingredients in the proportion you like (Think lots of oil, and maybe a third as much vinegar and a bit of tamari and honey) and add spice as you like.

-Your favorite spice (non-irradiated spices can be medicinal! Just watch the mixes that they don't have sugar or regular table salt or MSG.)

Add these as freely as you like and remember it's healthy!! (Ok, the sweet stuff, maybe you need to check yourself, and the butter is not perfect unless it's made fresh by a local farmer, but the rest are on the "A" list!)

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A bit of my story...

I've had Lyme disease for 4 years now. On one hand, my life has changed so much for the better/healthier (something about all things working for good, ya know), but on the other hand, I feel like I have missed about half of my own life the last 4 years. I've seen so many improvements as I've changed my diet and lifestyle and taken all my "natural medicine". But yet I have not gain victory over this invader. My stuggles include fatigue, pain (like last week I couldn't walk on one toe for a day), and occassionally a muddled brain or wacky emotions.

But I was reminded the other day that God can heal my soul DAILY. You see, I believe He can heal my body--either slowly or quickly. But he can heal the hurt of the struggle today. I don't have to carry that around. I'm so thankful.

Today, I'm having a really good day. If only all days could be like this! I feel almost normal. And I'm fighting to see that one day they will!!! But today I'm just thankful for today. I'm thankful for the chance to share with others how miraculous the food God made for us is. I'm thankful I better understand how to care for my body and how to teach this to my children.

What a great day--and I thought I didn't like Halloween! No fear and no candy at our house, but this is a great day!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The scientific basis for Traditional Diet

Have you heard of Nourishing Traditions, the Maker's Diet, or Sue Gregg cookbooks? Or maybe of soaking grains, drinking raw milk, and eating fermented foods? All these are based on the research of Dr. Weston A. Price. This video summarizes his findings as well as those of Dr. Pottenger, who studied diet and reproduction. Take a few minutes to watch this short movie and let it motivate you to take action to make a small change in your diet today.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

How to be clean AND healthy...

Our society is germ-a-phobic. We have anti-bacterial everything. But do you know that antibacterial soap contain an ingredient that can turn into chlorine when mixed with water. So, just wash your hands in bleach (read with sarcasm, please.)

Last year, I switched to castile soap, specifically Dr. Bronner's. I buy a large bottle and put maybe 2 teaspoons in a foam soap pump (buy foaming soap and throw out what comes in the bottle) and it lasts forever. We're only on our second bottle and we use it for hand washing, for body wash, and for homemade diaper wipes. (By the way, if you want to use it more than for hands, don't get the peppermint, which can be too strong on for body wash on sensitive areas. )

If you don't think soap matters much, consider the onions-on-your-feet test (from this earlier post) and remember your body is absorbing all those ingredients you can't pronounce. The Bible talks a lot about hand washing, but they only used water. So, I figure water's the main point, but I still use a bit of soap anyway.

This is a great change to make b/c it's another one that can save money and take chemicals out of your environment. And it's an easy switch to make. Winter is a perfect time to try this out b/c I found my hands were not so dried out by washing. So you can save money on lotion (most of which are not good for you anyway.)
Remember slow and steady wins the race. So what are you doing this week to move towards health?

Monday, October 22, 2007

THE Wellness Workout

The T-Tapp Wellness Workout is one of the BEST health tools I have. It's simple, effective, and short. It makes exercise easy and has lots of extra health boosts built-in and is really unique. The website has lots of exercises online, so you can try before you buy. I really have never tried anything SO incredible. Everyone of my friends who tried has also been amazed.

It has helped people: lose weight and inches without dieting, tone, improve health dramatically (such as getting off diabetes medication or overcoming Chronic Fatigue symptoms), change posture, and get their body back in a few weeks after childbirth. It builds Core muscles and you are working multiple muscles with every exercise. You can get to fat-burning mode in the simple 15 min. workout. If you are healthy and have time, the 45 min. "Total Work-out" really tones your body.

It does NOT involve: jumping, weights, equipment, or need a lot of space. There is no music. No floor work.

My Story: The first thing that convinced me was doing the "organs in place" exercise and finding that I lost a pants size in a couple weeks b/c my baby belly was going back in it's place after 2 years!

I have a co-infection of Epstein-Barr virus and so I was always too tired to do any exercise. Once a week, I was walking to church which is 3 blocks away and that was tiring. I tried doing a treadmill or some weights and the next day I could hardly do anything beyond getting out of bed. Not from soreness but from fatigue and a general increase of symptoms. I had read the incredible testimonies on the website and decided to try the Basic Workout. (I should have gotten the "T-Tapp More Workout".) Unfortunately, I tried doing it everyday and the whole program and had the same problem of basically collapsing. But b/c of the wonderful customer service, I found out how I could adapt the program and do it every other day and not wear out. In fact I found I that I HAVE to do it every other day if I want to keep my energy up. Even the adapted workout is hard for me to do, but about 20 min. afterwards, I feel great!

You see it helps greatly in 2 areas: it helps your back and your lymph systems. I used to have a place in my back that was almost always out of adjustment despite chiropractic visits. I started doing the workout and found I never need any kind of adjustment! My chiropractor doesn't know what to think, but I've seen the exact same results with my husband and a friend! And the spinal alignment affects your overall health in many ways. Second, it helps your body flush out toxins with unique moves that work you lymphatic system. An added bonus for me is that I actually have a consistent measure of how I'm doing (For example, I can tell my back is stiffer or this move was easier, etc.)

Everyone needs to exercise. T-Tapp makes if easy AND more effective. You can't ask for much more.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Soda a Day Keeps Good Health Away!

I recently saw in a home magazine about a new study that a single serving of soda (what's that--half a can?) raised the risk of metabolic syndrome by 44% (Boston Univ. Med School) They were surprised to find the same was true for diet sodas! From what I read, diet sodas are worse for your body, so I'm not surprised.

Another study a few years ago was published in USA Today (see ), shows that women who drank at least one sugar sweetened soda were 85% as likely to develop type II diabetes. They seemed to say sugar sweetened sports drinks were a problem, too.

Not to mention that refined sugar has been linked to things like heart-disease! The sugars in sodas are something like the top source of calories in this country. And we wonder why we have a health crisis!

Remember your grandma told you not to eat too much sugar? Remember the old phrase, "you are what you eat?" So, next time your sweet tooth starts to take control, eat some sprouted grain toast with a bit of honey or drink some herbal tea with honey. It will give your body the nutrients that it's really craving and may save you from some ugly disease! Better yet, drink water. You might want to read more about drinks in my archives:

Choose to drink for your health! Just one little step at a time can make all the difference.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The not-so-merry-go-round of Lyme disease..

Can you relate to any of the following?

Do you know that feeling after finishing a major test like an SAT? Maybe too mentally exhausted to return phone calls or make any decisions? Do you know what it feels like for your body to ache, so that you'd really rather just sit still? Do you know what it's like when, after a bad cold, you don't have acute symptoms, but find you need to sit down or even lay down after a very little activity? Or to have give yourself a 2 minute pep talk to get yourself to get off the couch (and the TV's not even on!) Now imagine you are out in public, taking one of the few available chairs while an elderly lady stands.

Can you imagine what it's like to try to share something and find you are mixing up words or can't remember a word for the 5th time that day? Have you ever dealt with depression, but it wasn't based on any thought or sad circumstance? Or have you ever been under stress, and afterwards found it hard to relax again? Now imagine it happening with minor daily stresses and lasting an hour. Have you ever gone out to one of your weekly activities (say church) and been able to act normal, only to get home and find your are either physically or emotionally drained, and it will take you at least a day to recover?

Now picture all these symptoms on a roulette wheel, which changes sporatically. Though the intensity level is sometimes affected by how much you do all the right things (eat right, special exercises, supplements, medicines)--all of which take energy and/or mental clarity to remember to do them.

Then, think about how you would feel when you can't pull your fair share in life--at home, at church, etc. Or when you have to tell your kids "no" again b/c "Mommy's too tired." And when you do finally have a good day, there are so many things you are behind on that you get overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start and how disappointing it would be when the next day, you feel too poorly to finish what you started the day before. And how when symptoms are constantly changing, it would be hard on family members to be understand your ever changing needs and not think you were lazy or unmotivated when you don't feel like doing something.

That will give you a small picture of my experience and some insight for those trying to understand this not-so-merry-go-round of Lyme or other similiar "invisible" illnesses.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Clean without chemicals AND save money!

You can safely disinfect countertops (proven in studies) by filling 2 spray bottles with things you may already have at your home: white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide (3%). The mistake I first made was to put them in the same bottle (it makes something totally different-oops!) Some you take the 2 separate bottles and spray one and a time on counters, cutting boards, or whatever and it disinfects. Or spray them on veggies and rinse off to clean them. Use the the hydrogen peroxide with baking soda to scrub stains, such as bathtubs and toilets. Use the vinegar and peroxide for windows and mirrors. And throw out all those toxic cleaners and don't spend money on them again!

Now for those of you that aren't convinced that the chemicals in your house get absorbed, you might want to try this experiment. There is an old home remedy to put onions on your feet for a cold. Try this. Slice an onion. Put a couple slices in a bag on the floor and stick your feet on them. Within minutes, you'll have a faint taste of onion in your mouth! So, think about touching the sink faucet if it's cleaned with bleach and remember chlorine is a carcinogen. Then think about how stuff gets absorbed into the air, which never really gets out of your house. Then think of the how cheap hydrogen peroxide and vinegar are!

Till we all have cleaner and healthier homes....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Skin Brushing helps that?

Ok, so I started blogging here when I was doing SO much better. But shortly after I reached that point, I've been under tons of unavoidable life stress, so I'm not at the top of my game these days. But I just had to share a cool story.

I was recently on a last-minute trip (think possible job change/move) and due to the stress and lack of my normal diet and lack of a full night's sleep, I started feeling bad. I woke up the second morning feeling nauseous, but kicked it with the rest of the Kombucha/ginger drink I had! Unfortunately, the same thing happened the 3rd morning and I had no more drink. When I did finally move, my eyes were horribly bloodshot and the black circles which were there the day before were horrid. I wish I had a picture.

Well, I remembered the day before that it had also seemed to help when I skin brushed. (I'll explain what it is in a later post. ) So, I spend 5-10 min. skin brushing and at the end I don't feel nauseous AND the red is TOTALLY gone from my eyes and the black mostly faded. If I had a picture you wouldn't believe that it was only 5 min. later. And I don't brush my face--just the rest of my body!

Now, in all honesty, I should confess, I went to breakfast and only drank tea and well it eventually came back up. Skin brushing is not a cure-all. In fact, none of this stuff I talk about is. But the thing with my eyes was a sign of how such a simple act can really increase our health.

And my goal is to get as much of these health building pluses in, trusting it will eventually win my health battle. So, look for the little signs that things are helping. The big changes (in our lives and our bodies) come slowly. But don't be afraid to pray for a miracle!

PS--Anybody tried this for pregnancy nausea? It makes me wonder if it would help. But I'm not personally able to test this one out right now!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Food--Created or still evolving?

Today, I feel like philosophizing. I'm not a dietitian, a theologian, or a philosopher, but these are my musings. If you don't have time to read ramblings, skip to another post!

The Apostle Paul taught that God's power and divine nature are clearly evident in what he made. (That's in Romans 1:20 in your Bible.) So, my question for those of you who believe in a creator is: why do we think we can improve on what God has already done?

Now, I'm not as committed as my raw food friends to making NO changes, but I'm talking nutrition here. Why do we think that "low fat", "reduced calorie", and "Dr. Joe-Blow's diet" food could really be better for us than what God created? I see an alarming trend of declining health in our country, especially when I look at the health of the babies in my community. I could say much on this, but I would rather stick to the point.

If we look at the world as evolving, we will naturally try to help the evolution along with "brilliant" ideas like gene modification or creating sweeteners with no calories and all nutrients removed or heating the milk to high temperatures to kill bacteria that would not exist in a clean environment.

For me trusting that God's creation is good, means trusting that it is designed to be what my body needs. He doesn't need our help to create a more perfect food. Think of every time you eat a God-made food it's like a deposit in the "Health Saving Account" of your body and every time you eat something that is altered by man it's a withdrawal. My standard of altered by man is could I create it at home or even better, could ancient people do this? So, high fructose corn syrup may comes from corn, but it doesn't qualify as natural in my book. Scrambled eggs=deposit. White flour=withdrawal.

So, my encouragement for the day--make sure your body's "Health Savings Account" is in the positive--in fact keep it ready for the high expenses that come with flu seasons, an electronic world, and stress. And you'll be surprised at how many little problems can go away and how you don't have to catch every bug that comes around! Even with Lyme Disease, I rarely worry about catching a cold even when "everyone" is sick. It's one time it's nice to be different. Health isn't luck--it's a lifestyle choice. If you've enjoyed better health than the average, thank your parents and grandparents and keep it that way.

Grains...a few more thoughts....

I want to add a couple last things.

First, though I mentioned the freshly ground grains, I failed to explain the how. In Sue Gregg cookbooks, she has a special way of putting whole grains in the blender that grinds them up! (See the recipe link from last post.) But if you have some money to invest, a grain mill and a Bosch mixer are the way to go for making bread. A grain mill grinds whole grains into flour. And the Bosch mixer then makes the dough so efficiently, you can skip the rising and punch down process, so it only takes a few minutes!! I've seen it done, but am still saving my money for this personally. A great site for both of these appliances as well as information about how to make and soak bread is .

Secondly, I want to pose the what is "natural". For most of mankind's existence, the grains had to be hand-ground and then soaked and then the bread made (no Bosch to knead for them!) So, how much bread should we have? Well, I know if I had to make bread that way, we would probably eat less of it. So, be sure you watch that you don't let your grains replace your fresh fruit and vegetables!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

How do you get soaked or sprouted grains?

So, your considering how to soak and sprout your bread, but you don't know how to do this.

If you'd like to buy bread this way you can find sprouted bread at most health food stores and many grocery stores. My favorite is "Ezekiel 4:9" bread and tortillas. I've found where I can get it locally for only $2 a loaf, though it is often more expensive. You can check out their website at for more info. or to find a store. I especially like their cereal (all other cereals are banned from our house since I find out puffed, flake, and shaped cereals are basically not digestible.) I like all their bread products, but haven't like their pasta. Their bread is maybe tougher and drier than you are used to, but that can be helped by warming the bread and adding butter or olive oil.

Or you can make it yourself! The advantage here, is that is tastes as good or better than if it were not soaked! Soak your flour in buttermilk, yogurt, kefir, or water with 1 Tbsp whey lemon juice or vinegar per cup of water. Then cover and let stand on the counter. The minimum time is 7 hour and up to 24 is best. Don't add your eggs or milk yet and it really is good to leave it out. (Takes some mental adjustment for some of us!) Then add the rest of your ingredients and your ready to cook it. This can be applied to rice, beans, oatmeal, muffins, pancakes, and on and on. Some of the breads come out better b/c of this process. Note: there is no point in doing this with white flour, as there aren't more nutrients to release!

My explanation is a bit simplified. I highly recommend Sue Gregg's cookbooks, which are being edited to include this process. (Even the books not yet updated come with information on how to convert the recipes.) Meals in Minutes is a great book that has been updated. I've found her cookbooks to be the best I've ever seen. She doesn't assume you know what your doing (which I sometimes don't!) She gives you lots of instructions, adaptation tips, and even helps you put menus together. Try her pancakes/waffles by visiting

Of course if you want the full lesson you can read Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions, but when I borrowed it, I was disappointed in both the recipes I tried. The instructions were not good enough. BUT the information on diet and nutrition (half the book) is excellent. So, I will own it as a resource, not really a cookbook.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

What you really need to know about grains...

I'll assume you've gotten the basics of avoiding white flour like the plague. (And I mean as an ingredient called "wheat flour" not just as white bread.) Let's talk about why people are tossing out grains, for the latest health trend or even b/c of allergies.

Let's go back to the beginning and think what grains might have been. According to my world view, there were gardeners in the first generation of people, and farmers by the second. SO, I don't buy that grains were not what our early ancestors ate (the basis of some diet philosophies.) But according to research by Weston A. Price, native populations all either soaked or sprouted their grains. AND they ground the grain shortly before they made it. The closest the modern diet comes to this is sourdough bread, which is usually white bread.

This process neutralizes the phytic acids and start breaking down tannins and gluten, and increase the amount of nutrition the body can absorb. For my husband it has helped with his grain sensitivities. But many don't know about the difference of simply soaking grain before cooking. Others don't want to do the work of planning ahead or cooking from scratch.

So, next time you hear about avoiding bread, remember that this because most Americans have white flour even in their "wheat bread". And breads and grains include: muffins, pancakes, pasta, croutons, corn chips, tortillas, and on and on.

Come back soon for how to make this ideal a livable reality. In the meantime, those of you research oriented people might want to read more details at:
Or if you are not quite ready for all this, you can read more on white flour:

Thursday, September 27, 2007

If you think you are lazy, you may need a check up!

I want to confess that for several years I struggled with laziness. I would know I should do something, but couldn't seem to make myself do it. Do you know what I learned? It wasn't laziness--it was Lyme disease! Actually, it may have been Epstein Barr virus as a co-infection (Chronic Fatigue.)

It's amazing how suddenly a day will come where I do a TON without guilting myself in to doing it. The fact that those days come remind me that it's not a heart problem, but a physical problem. But for many people who struggle with big or small health issues, the motivation does not overcome the physical barriers. If you find yourself there, don't assume the motivation is the problem!

The next time you think you are lazy, you might need to take a closer look at your health. When your body starts giving you signs of a problem, you know it's time to start lifestyle changes, one step at a time.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Genetic Engineering Explained

This video is pt. 3 of the "Future of Food". Skip the first minute and watch the rest to get an overview of how genetically modified food is made. You'll learn how e-coli and antibiotic resistance are related to GMO's.

Or go to and watch all 7 parts of the movie. You'll learn about a corn plant that can kill a bug that eats any part of it. Wonder what it does to the humans who eat it? You'll learn a lot of other things that make you go "hmmmm..."

What kind of food do you really eat?

Do you know how much pesticides you are eating? Do you know how your food has been altered from it's natural state?

Here's a couple of resources to help you make good choices:

First learn what genetic engineering is. See next post for a quick video.

If you aren't willing to eat genetically modified foods, then check out the lists of foods that have genetically modified foods at:

Warning: A large majority of processed foods do contain genetically modified foods, as a majority of our corn, soy, cotton, and canola are genetically modified, and derivatives of these are in most processed foods (high fructose corn syrup, soy lecithin, vegetable oils.)

By the way, organic foods can not be genetically modified, so they are never a concern.

Another area to consider is pesticides. Check out this handy pocket list of what foods have the highest amount of pesticides (ie, you don't want to eat unless its homegrown or organic) and which are have the lowest amount (but I would ignore corn in the list, unless it is labeled No Genetically Modified Ingredients.) Even if you don't think you can't afford organic, you can change the food you select.

Our bodies are overwhelmed with toxins. So, we need to help them out. But don't let your mind get overwhelmed. Just pick a few things you CAN change based on this new information. And think about how to eat one less processed meal this week. Find one recipe you fix at home without processed foods and plan ahead so you don't eat out. Slow and steady, we can build our health.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Drink to your health

Let's talk about what we drink. I don't think there are any doctors or scientists who would recommend drinking sodas. Or any of them disagree we need more water. But the first step is to do what we know is healthy.

Colas are one of the worst foods for us. Just learn a little about high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, not to mention carbonation, artificial flavors, etc.

But let's talk about what we do drink...First, we need pure water. You want a good water filter, preferably something better than just a carbon filter. But remember, it's not helping if you don't change the filter. I have one from RBC Life Sciences, b/c we are members there. It attaches on the faucet. One day I'd like the reverse osmosis under the counter.

But do you know there are lots of other drinks that are like taking supplements. As I said early, I drink a couple oz. of Ningxia Red from Young Living every day. It really helps me have an energy boost that isn't followed by a low. I've also been hearing about a couple of other super juices on the market. But don't expect anything great from the grocery store. Apple juice is over filtered and is too high in sugars. Orange juice often contains mold (get one moldy orange in the machine and it affects the whole batch.

At our house we drink only raw milk. It's a big debate about whether milk is healthy, but few ever consider if the way we process it could be the problem. One doctor use to have a "raw milk cure", where raw milk was the main food you ate to find healing from various disease. Want to know more about raw milk (safety, where to get it, why, etc.) See:

I also drink Kombucha. It's this great fermented tea. You can make it yourself, but right now I'm just buying it from the health food store. Don't drink too much at once though--it's pretty powerful, so they say you should ease into it.

Or you can make an Apple Cider Vinegar Drink (see my post "First Steps"). I also like to make Lemonade or Limeade with: 2 Tbsp. fresh squeezed organic juice (about 1/2 a lemon or lime) and 2 Tbsp. Organic Grade B Maple Syrup.

And of course if you want hot drinks, I suggest Red Tea sweetened with honey. Or herbal teas can benefit you in different ways.

As my daughter was learning in science, 2/3 of your body is water. So, pay attention to what's in your glass.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Still eating a little margarine every once in a while?

Even you need a little help getting motivated to avoid margarine, read the following about where it comes from. When I learned this information, I was motivated to ask at every restaurant. I'll eat something dry before I put margarine on it.

On the other hand, we're all just taking one step at a time, so feel free to put off reading this article till your ready to make another change!

The moral of the story is accept no substitutes!

Musings on suffering

You know I used to think the big bad diseases people got were just sorta bad luck. But what is luck? For the Christian, is it just an indirect way to say, "God's will". Or is it based on some sorta unseen lottery system? As in God didn't will it, but he didn't stop it either--is God a hands off God? Well, the correct Biblical answer is suffering is b/c of sin. Did sin somehow create the disease bacteria? So, now you just wait around and how you don't get hit?

Let me tell you my experience and how I've worked out this concept of "God's will", disease, and sin. I got Lyme disease while overseas, so I was in the midst of the adjustment period to a new country and language. And as usual, I was pushing my body without any regard to rest (what's a Sabbath?) to keep up with full-time language study, a 2 year old, and my part our company, which was more than usual at that time. So, that's where I missed the mark.

But also, I believe I was deceived. There is a lot of misinformation on health and diet in our world. I believe a lot of our health mistakes are because we idolize convenience. So, we "have" to eat fast food, b/c we cram our schedules so full we are too tired or too busy to cook. I definitely am guilty here. But a lot of the deception comes because of companies' greed for money. So, they mislead or downplay negatives in their advertisements and press releases. Just investigate into the pharmaceutical industry or pesticide companies a bit. Or read how margarine is made. So, our culture (here and in Europe) is as a whole mislead and their contribution to my disease. But I am responsible for not thinking for myself!

Lastly, I come to where was God. Well, he could see that he could use it for my good and to allow me to help others. So, I feel as if He said, OK, you left yourself vulnerable in this area and are getting attack. I will carry you through this path you chose and set you up on a high rock where you will be stronger than when you began.

So, now I feel as if I have a new mission to help other people see past the deceptions and make good choices without having to go through the hard path. While I have lamented the losses of several years, I look forward to seeing the restoration of the "years the locust have eaten". I want to be and feel fully alive well past the average age. And I want the full energy level God created me to have so I can run again.

I can tell you that you don't need to fear Lyme Disease. You won't get it unless your body is worn down and your in the midst of a hard emotional season. (In fact, the CDC says 85% of diseases have an emotional element.) Don't fear--prevent. Not with DEET, but with wisdom that builds a strong foundation.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

First Steps

Well, now that I've spent several years getting more healthy, I've started trying to help other people figure out where to start. So, for those of you who are interested in starting a health journey, here's what the ideal first stage might look like.

First, eliminate the worst offenders: artificial and highly processed sweeteners (sugar, corn syrup, etc.), white flour, hydrogenated oils, and vegetable oils. (see previous post). Instead use honey, whole wheat flour, extra virgin coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil. Also, watch for corn, soy, cotton, and canola derivitives--most of which are genetically modified and not labeled as such. Get rid of the cokes and limit your eating out and processed foods. Avoid breakfast cereals (puffed and shaped foods don't digest well), as well as donuts, french fries and potato chips (the oils they are fried in are awful). Don't even look at margarine!

Then, start adding in a few healthy foods. One of my favorites I learned from the Amish: the Apple Cider Vinegar tonic: Add 2 tsp honey and 2 tsp of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar to an 8oz glass of water. Now, that might scare you a bit for a couple of reasons. First, you may have heard vinegar is acidic. Most is, but the raw ACV works just the opposite in your body. Second, you might be like me, and scared of the tastes---but when I finally got up the guts to try it, it wasn't bad! You can always add more honey until you like it. I add it to room temp. water and it mixes well. Others add a bit of hot water to dissolve the honey and then add the chilled water.

There are all sorts of super foods you can add, but I often recommend the ACV drink for a couple reason. One is that it is extremely cheap!!! Also, I like that it has enzymes to help you digest the other over-processed food in your diet and that it has good bacteria (like yogurt). This is the strands you see in it (when you shake the bottle up they usually break in to tiny pieces you don't even notice in a single serving). I also drink a juice called Ningxia Red. I've been looking at some other juices, so I know there are lots of good things out there, but not everyone is ready to invest the money.

Use this vinegar in any recipe calling for vinegar. Use it with some olive oil to make a salad dressing.

Also, change some of the products you use. Replace your salt with "Real Salt" or "Celtic Sea Salt". Use real butter, preferably organic. Use organic Tamari instead of soy sauce.

If you've got these basics down, come back soon and we'll take it to the next level. But remember, stress is bad for your health, so just take it slow.

Have a healthy day!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Questions welcome

I love helping people, so if you have health questions or comments feel free to leave them. I'd love to target my posts to specific needs.

Today, I'm keeping it short as I'm having computer problems. Hopefully I can write more soon.

PS--Our computer has been down for almost 2 weeks! So, I'm testing out the principle of fasting and health! But this time I'm "fasting" computer use. But a time of rest is always helpful.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Do you have a health philosophy?

When you enter the world of natural health, you can be overwhelmed by the claims and studies and people selling wonder products. So, I've realized I need a way to filter what to believe--my health philosophy. Some people's philosophy is to accept whatever is "standard" (do you really want the health of the average American?) or whatever is the lastest, greatest, and best marketed. But if you think about it, you probably want to take more ownership of your health than that. I'll share my philosophy, so whether you agree with it or not, it may help you determine your own. And it will help you decide whether you agree with the advice I offer or not.

I believe that we started out in the world with everything we needed to be healthy and that God-made food is incredible and the more man tampers with it, the worse it is. I also think that eating healthy should not be complex. It should be something that would have been possible before the advent of modern nutritional studies.

So, I'm never surprised by the lastest studies on how wonderful some new fruit is, nor am I surprised to hear that some juices made from the wonder fruits are not as helpful as the fruit itself. When I hear that coconut oil is incredible (anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and on and on) but that corn and soy oil are not at all healthy because it takes so much processing to make them--I can easily accept that. When I read about how natives foods also included raw animal products like raw milk, butter, or sometimes eggs or meat (yuck!) I agree we probably need raw animal products today (milk or butter please!) But not milk from a typical dairy, from cows or goats that are raised the old fashion way on pastures and hand milked, so it problems with the milk are immediately observed.

But sometimes I hear that we need to do food combining or need to eat for our metabolic type or cut out meat or cut out carbs or fats or whatever. But I don't think these things are truly necessary b/c they are too complex or unnatural. These are things usually based on science not readily apparent to the average native person. (By native I mean, not a part of our modern culture.) But eating more raw food IS a good thing and eating vegetarian can be good as a type of fasting to cleanse the body.

Let me give you an example of how easy God made things. Tomatoes are good for your heart (and what do they look like?) Carrots are good for your eyes (and when you cut them, what does the shape remind you of?) And a good way to get calcium is making a chicken broth out of chicken bones (though to get maximum benefit add raw Apple Cider Vinegar). So much of health is actually intuitive.

As a Christian, I also look at the Bible. During the Black Plague, the Jews had a relatively low death rate, and where persecuted as having purposely spread the disease. I think this is due to following a God-given health plan. (Jews and early Christians did not separate out the religious from health, psychology, education, etc as we do today.) The Bible adds lots of important ideas to my health philosophy such as hand-washing and sanitary practices and a list of unclean foods. These include things like pork, shellfish, and catfish. It makes sense b/c both catfish or raw shrimp actually look digustingly dirty. Hmmm... And what do you buy to clean your fish tank? A little catfish. Just b/c you can eat the food and "still go to heaven" doesn't mean it was created to be eaten, ya know.

Well, enough philosophizing for today. Take some time and figure out how you are filtering all the lastest health info coming your way. It's worth the time b/c it keeps your from getting overwhelmed and giving up. Hang in there! Your health is worth it.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Artificial Un-intelligence

My first advice sounds simple. Avoid artificial sweeteners, artificial butter,and artificial flour (white flour might as well be artificial in my book). But wait til you start reading ingredient labels--it gets a bit hard. But hang in there and do the best you step at a time.

SUGAR: We weren't meant to have the sweet without the vitamins they grow with. Everyone knows white sugar is "bad" for you, but we try to cheat the system and find a magic substitute. But give Splenda enough time and they'll prove it causes cancer, just like the rest of the substitutes. And a healthy body will be at it's natural weight AND won't have all the cravings that make you cheat! So, use honey, maple syrup (NOT Corn syrup with artificial maple flavoring), stevia, or agave. But save the artificial sweeteners for ant killers. They work great! If don't believe it check out where Splenda came from at: http://

By artificial butter I mean margarine, also known as 100 % trans fats in a tub. Read a bit on trans fat. Better yet, read about how margarine has to be bleached b/c noone would want it while it was gray; and how it has to be deodorized before the artificial flavors are added, because it stinks. Makes you lose your appetite for it real fast!

Now for today's rant.... White flour. Most wheat breads have white flour as the first ingredient. White flour is not only empty, but your body has to pull from it's stores of vitamins to metabolize it, so it takes vitamins. And don't forget, tortillas, pizza, pasta, muffins, etc are all bread. One day the public will start asking for wheat at restaurants and we can finally go out and get some healthy food. Today it made me so mad to find on a major Pizza restaurant's website how they are trying to help you have a healthy diet! And not a single menu item without white flour (not to mention the hydrogenated vegetable oil, soy, sugar, high fructose corn syrup and several additives!)

When I go to a restaurant and skip the bread (b/c there is no wheat option most times) I find I leave satisfied. When I eat bread, I tend to overeat b/c I'm not "full". At home I can eat bread b/c it's whole grained (and usually sprouted or soaked, but I'll explain that another day.)

Weston A. Price found in his extensive research that when white flour and sugar are introduced to a culture, their health goes down hill quickly. I believe these 2 things are the biggest single problem in our modern health.

Start today watching out for these basic no-no's. Find replacements for the things you love. This week, you might want to buy real butter. Next week, you might look into healthier soft drinks or even make fresh lemonade or limeade. Maybe try a meal out without the bread and see if you can tell the difference. Next month, you might find some Stevia packets in the health food store and carry with you to use for sweetener. Take your time and make permanent changes. It's the lifestyle that matters.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

When the world gives you Lyme's...

make Lymeade. Well, 4 years ago, I was just living like the rest of the world (health-wise), but under a lot of stress and boom, I got Lyme disease. I may tell more of the story later, but now I want to tell you how I made Lymeade. You see I got "old" in my late 20's--forgetful, tired, moving slow, arthritis, gray hairs, kids (my own) wearing on my nerves, and on and on. But through it I've learned so much about how to stay healthy naturally, and I'm determined to stay young when my peers get old. I've almost conquered Lyme disease and because my body has been so weak, I can tell you what things out there are worth your time and I've figured out how to make it simple enough so anyone can do it! Maybe you can avoid some chronic disease of your own. In the end, I feel I've been so changed in this experience that life is better because of it.

Well, that's it for today! But come back soon and join me for a nice glass of Lymeade and some practical advice for real people.