Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What about healing?

At church we were singing a song about God healing our soul and it struck me that I need to remember: while I'm waiting on and working for my physical healing, I daily have access to healing for my soul: my heart and mind. When you are fighting illness, you deal daily with small losses that add up. And it can way heavy on your heart. But there is a friend who wants to carry your burden for you. And this is the kind of healing that's available instantaneously!

If you know someone who is chronically ill (or worse, terminally ill), you might want to consider this. You can pray for their physical healing and maybe able to help them in some practical way toward that healing. BUT don't forget to help them find the emotional healing that comes from someone caring or just letting them cry. It's hard to mourn losses of chronic illness-they are small and consistent and mundane and hard to pen down--but they add up to a huge loss. Sometimes you get so used to being sick, you forget what it's like to be normal.

If you have health losses weighing down your soul, join me in offering them in your own way to the God who longs to come and whisper a word of healing to your soul. This is the healing that's available now, even while we hope and long for our bodies to be restored.

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