Thursday, December 13, 2007

Why does natural (alternative) health have to be so confusing?

First, I'll give you my philosophical idea. You see--I think God put everything we need in nature for us to use. So, every part of the world has it's own natural healing methods. But now with global-connectedness we can access lots of "miracle" herbs. And b/c un-conventional med is not reg like conv. med. there is lots of competition.

Second reason is the FDA. Do you know that if I were selling Vitamin E on this website, I couldn't "advertise" that a credible medical study showed it decreases menstrual cramps? Nope. I could just sell you Vitamin E and maybe hint at what it's good for. That makes using herbs and vitamins a lot of guess work. That's why I'm a big-time Ron Paul supporter. He's a doctor who is running for president and his solution to health care is to give more freedom in the supplement area and to stop all the government intervention. (Did you know Congress basically created HMO's?) Those who want to help people by sharing there knowledge of natural health solutions are severely limited in what they can do. We as people are not trusted to make good decisions for ourselves.

December 16 is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party and Ron Paul supporters are uniting to send a message that we want our freedoms back. Go to to watch and see how many millions Ron Paul will raise this Sunday and to read more about the revolution happening in our country. Like me, you may find the first politician you've ever considered campaigning for.

So, until there is more freedom of communication here's what you can your own research online (or read this blog for my research) and find a few brands of products you trust. Personally the brands I trust include RBC Life Sciences (they test each product to ensure that manufacturers aren't cross-contaminating), Garden of Life, and Young Living. Garden of Life is sold in stores and the other 2 through distributors. If you want to add to my list of trusted companies, please comment below.

And don't forget to help get those elected who are for "health freedom". Register to vote Republican and get to your primary in 2008. Consider giving on Dec 16th. And allow the companies to share the research and allow you to take authority for your own health.