Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Would you like sugar on your sandwich?

My standards for eating out/eating with others are definitely lower than eating at home. The other day, I was fixing a tuna sandwich for my daughter(not at home) and was shocked that I couldn't get around the SUGAR!!! Mayonaise has sugar (I looked at 3 different bottles). Of course most bread has HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP--which is worse than sugar. The relish was of course sweet relish--with sugar! The actual tuna was sugar-free. What do you know! One out of 4 parts of the meal are ok! (Let's not get into mercury in fish, ok!)

The average American consumes 149 lbs/ year of sugar (all sucrose and fructose combined). We are approaching .5 lbs. /day! It's almost 20% of our calories! Of course cutting out soft drink helps, but a lot of people already do that and the AVERAGE is way too high. So, what's the real problem?

PROCESSED FOODS! You see, processed food (including fast food) doesn't natually taste good. Ever noticed how you just can't freeze some things? Then add all the things machines do to the food to make it. And of course, we want a "value", so they make as cheap by picking the cheapest ingredients available. Doesn't come out tasting great, so they add manufactured (read, toxic) salt, high fructose corn syrup or sugar, and manufactured flavorings to make it taste right again. All those things like the gums in the ingredients give it the texture it is lacking. Most of our food is sweet and salty b/c it doesn't have much of it's natural flavor any more. But with the magic of tiny portions of toxic things we create almost any other flavor. Voila, it's almost like real food again! But it won't give you real health, like the food you were created to eat.

Moral of the story: read ingredients and give your mom (or wife or husband) a hug everytime they fix you a home-cooked, unprocessed meal.

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