Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Spice of Health

Somehow, someone tricked a lot of us into thinking healthy food shouldn't taste good!!! So I wanted to list a few things I use to keep my food from being bland. (Organic is best for all.)


-Garlic Salt from RealSalt

-Organic Tamari Sauce (made from soy--must say organic or at least non-GMO)

-Butter (organic--I like cultured butter)

-Honey or Maple Syrup (should not use too much, but sometimes we need it sweet!)

-Cinnamon (I love to sprinkle on toast or pancakes and then add honey)

-Salsa (buy a good quality, pref. organic, and make sure to read the ingredient list or make your own and ferment it!)

-Mayonaise (Do like the Germans do--Ketchup and Mayonaise on french fries, if you can find ones without sugar or bad oils)

-Extra virgin Coconut oil on cooked food. Extra Virgin Olive oil on uncooked.

-Homemade salad dressing: Olive oil, apple cider vinegar, tamari sauce, and honey. Mix with these ingredients in the proportion you like (Think lots of oil, and maybe a third as much vinegar and a bit of tamari and honey) and add spice as you like.

-Your favorite spice (non-irradiated spices can be medicinal! Just watch the mixes that they don't have sugar or regular table salt or MSG.)

Add these as freely as you like and remember it's healthy!! (Ok, the sweet stuff, maybe you need to check yourself, and the butter is not perfect unless it's made fresh by a local farmer, but the rest are on the "A" list!)

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