Saturday, November 17, 2007

Organics are worthy the price...sometimes!

There was study released recently showing organic foods does prove healthier. The organic good had more minerals and significantly more antioxidants. (You can read more on Dr. Mercola's site or in a British newspaper.) I had always wondered about organic food being "no different" b/c they TASTE so much better. But I'm thinking specifically about organics from the produce section.

I should point out that if food is processed and labeled organic, it is questionable whether it's worth your money (especially on a tight budget). Milk for example in it's natural state is "raw", not just "organic", so organic milk avoids some chemicals, but doesn't get you the benefits you expect when you pay extra for organic food. With animal products, organic does not mean that an animal is allowed to eat and live naturally, so it's all questionable if you are really getting your food "the way God intended." Buying from a local farmer is ideal. And food manufacturers may process the organic cereals so much, that your body can't even absorb the extra nutrients that you are paying for!

Did you know that buying process foods costs approximately the same amount as buying organic whole foods? Processed organic food may break the bank and gain little benefit, but whole, organic foods will cost about the same. It does take more time, but think of how much time you'll save when your not sick! Believe me, I know!

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