Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How to Survive Thanksgiving

First, don't fear--it's one meal. Fear could do more harm to your body than the meal! (Not to mention what it does to your soul and spirit.)

Second, be very kind to your body the day before and for a day or 2 afterwards. Eat easy to digest food: natural, unprocessed food. This makes it easier for your body to deal with less than ideal foods and get them out of your digestive system before it gets bogged down with something else. I take a supplement when I eat out the has extra digestive enzymes (like bromelain from pineapple) and probiotics. This helps too.

When you choose what you eat, don't think like your on a diet. For me, some foods I don't even want if I picture what it does to me. On the other hand, I will probably have some pumpkin pie anyway. BUT it will be a small piece and I will expect to fill unsatisfied (b/c of the sugar). So, if I feel hungry, I'll one of the homemade wheat rolls I'm bringing--maybe with a bit of honey. And I'll avoid or limit sugar, dairy, and white flour for the rest of the meal. But don't feel you have to be extreme this holiday. Just know the limits your body has!

Remember to be thankful--even for unhealthy food--if someone gives it to you. We can be thankful for those we have to celebrate with. And mostly, we can be thankful that we have been given life. If you are spending Thanksgiving with family, focus on them and showing love. Count your blessings and focus on those.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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