Friday, November 9, 2007

It's white again!--more tips on cleaning.

Since my last cleaning article was quite a hit, I thought I'd share more: a story, a tip, and a link.

I just have to share how I shocked my husband. You see after juicing some carrots, I was cleaning our juicer (a Juiceman Jr. ). Carrot juice is like a dye and never really comes totally off (I thought) and so after years of use, the juicer was a nice orange/brown instead of off-white. BUT suddenly it hit me--try baking soda. (Do you think God whispers about cleaning a juicer?) So I sprinkled some on and continued washing with my soapy sponge and VOILA. The stain was gone. When I went after the clear cover of the juicer, well, we will just say it's clear again! My husband wanted to know what I did to it. It looked like I had bleached it!

Several years ago, I found that lemon juice takes stains off my stainless steel pan in almost the same way. So, for that white-ish stuff on you pans, squeeze a little lemon juice (fresh or the bottle) watch the magic.

This week I found a great new website: If you like detailed instructions, you'll love all the picture and step by step directions for cleaning with vinegar, baking soda, and other natural things. Check on the toilet or sink cleaning tips. The writers are motivated by helping the environment, which is a good thing. But remember that you are also greatly affected by the personal environment you create in your home. Indoor air pollution is worse than outdoor air pollution! So, make your home a safe place, and then watch how a little good health can affet the world around you.

Cleaning up the world--one home at a time!

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