Sunday, November 4, 2007

Overcome cravings by feeding them!

I am a believer in self-control, but self control shouldn't HAVE to be a main part of every meal. The problem is our bodies have too much food and too little nourishment. If I go out to eat, I am totally unsatisfied with my meal if it has white flour/white sugar in it. So, I skip the bread and I don't really need self-control to avoid overeating.

My favorite trick for cutting my cravings is honey-sweetened almond butter. Especially when the almond butter is raw. I just stir a little almond butter and honey in a cup (sometimes I add a couple berries to make it interesting) and eat it with a spoon. So, it's odd, but it works. The combo of fat and sweet always seems to satisfy and keeps me away from bad stuff. Anyway, I just recently came across a list of "what your really craving." I'd been convinced that cravings are you bodies communication, but I didn't always know what it meant, so I'm very excited to get this info. I had heard before how important fermented/good-bacteria-foods are for you when you are pregnant--thus the sour cravings. But here's a few more ideas to try next time you crave something:

I know since I started eating whole foods, I have a lot let cravings and feel satisfied with my food a lot more. Just one more reason to make those diet changes--one step at a time.

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