Friday, September 21, 2007

Musings on suffering

You know I used to think the big bad diseases people got were just sorta bad luck. But what is luck? For the Christian, is it just an indirect way to say, "God's will". Or is it based on some sorta unseen lottery system? As in God didn't will it, but he didn't stop it either--is God a hands off God? Well, the correct Biblical answer is suffering is b/c of sin. Did sin somehow create the disease bacteria? So, now you just wait around and how you don't get hit?

Let me tell you my experience and how I've worked out this concept of "God's will", disease, and sin. I got Lyme disease while overseas, so I was in the midst of the adjustment period to a new country and language. And as usual, I was pushing my body without any regard to rest (what's a Sabbath?) to keep up with full-time language study, a 2 year old, and my part our company, which was more than usual at that time. So, that's where I missed the mark.

But also, I believe I was deceived. There is a lot of misinformation on health and diet in our world. I believe a lot of our health mistakes are because we idolize convenience. So, we "have" to eat fast food, b/c we cram our schedules so full we are too tired or too busy to cook. I definitely am guilty here. But a lot of the deception comes because of companies' greed for money. So, they mislead or downplay negatives in their advertisements and press releases. Just investigate into the pharmaceutical industry or pesticide companies a bit. Or read how margarine is made. So, our culture (here and in Europe) is as a whole mislead and their contribution to my disease. But I am responsible for not thinking for myself!

Lastly, I come to where was God. Well, he could see that he could use it for my good and to allow me to help others. So, I feel as if He said, OK, you left yourself vulnerable in this area and are getting attack. I will carry you through this path you chose and set you up on a high rock where you will be stronger than when you began.

So, now I feel as if I have a new mission to help other people see past the deceptions and make good choices without having to go through the hard path. While I have lamented the losses of several years, I look forward to seeing the restoration of the "years the locust have eaten". I want to be and feel fully alive well past the average age. And I want the full energy level God created me to have so I can run again.

I can tell you that you don't need to fear Lyme Disease. You won't get it unless your body is worn down and your in the midst of a hard emotional season. (In fact, the CDC says 85% of diseases have an emotional element.) Don't fear--prevent. Not with DEET, but with wisdom that builds a strong foundation.


My Blog said...

What a great post, thanks for spreading God's truth with your blog!

Citrus in Seattle said...

Thank you for this post. It brought me strength tonight.