Wednesday, August 29, 2007

When the world gives you Lyme's...

make Lymeade. Well, 4 years ago, I was just living like the rest of the world (health-wise), but under a lot of stress and boom, I got Lyme disease. I may tell more of the story later, but now I want to tell you how I made Lymeade. You see I got "old" in my late 20's--forgetful, tired, moving slow, arthritis, gray hairs, kids (my own) wearing on my nerves, and on and on. But through it I've learned so much about how to stay healthy naturally, and I'm determined to stay young when my peers get old. I've almost conquered Lyme disease and because my body has been so weak, I can tell you what things out there are worth your time and I've figured out how to make it simple enough so anyone can do it! Maybe you can avoid some chronic disease of your own. In the end, I feel I've been so changed in this experience that life is better because of it.

Well, that's it for today! But come back soon and join me for a nice glass of Lymeade and some practical advice for real people.

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