Saturday, June 7, 2008

Healthy Perspectives--How eating healthy can change your worldview

I never expected that healing my body could result in so many shifts in perspective. Let me share a few of them with you:

Waste not, Want not...I think I should join the clean plate club. Not that I make anyone eat all of their food, I just don't throw it out. Why? B/c we actually are investing in good food--and it costs time, energy, and money--enough that we can't afford to waste it. So I want to sop up the sauce with my bread or scrap the bits of food out of the pan or save the 2 bites of food that no one is hungry for. Not out of food, but b/c I'm really liking my food! I have always been a bit of a saver in that I don't like to see things get thrown in the trash, but the shift has been in the value and importance of my food.

Fear Chemicals, Not Dirt... Cleanliness is important. I'm not about to drip juice from raw meat and leave it on my counter. But I'm not going to be cleaning with bleach either! I now worry more about antibacterial hand soap than the bacteria themselves. In the Bible times people simply used water--so I why do I need chemicals? I think it's b/c our bodies are weakened, so we don't fight off the germs well, but the chemicals only make them weaker.

We've gotten most chemicals in our home replaced, but you know it seems you can always find more! Like last week, I realized that that green strip on a razor is some sorta aftershave--when it gets wet--it has a soap-like texture. Who knows what it is since it doesn't seem to have a label. But it we can take medicine through a patch, why do we not worry about what we put on our skin???? So, I soaked my razor and scraped it off and plan to look for cheap razors that don't have that! Sounds crazy, I know, but after I go to the trouble to filter the chlorine out of my bath water and add Epsom salts and make the water very hot to help me detox, I can't stand the thought of adding who know what chemical in to the mix. Again, when it costs me something (time and money), I value it and protect it!

Have your perspectives changed any?


D-Ann said...

totally true! Love the new things you are learning.

Castle Bath Body Spa said...

You're right on track! Detox your body inside and out:-)