Thursday, February 26, 2009

Should Christians Use Alternative Medicine?

I'm feeling philosophical! Watch out....

There are a lot of people in the natural health field who do not believe in God. But they are also a lot of Christians who see the goodness of God's creation and wonder why we need to do things with chemicals when herbs used properly (such as in pure and concentrated form) can do the same things. Some herbs or natural remedies are ineffective b/c they are not in the proper form--they may lose potency when heated, for example. And so people try a home remedy and give up on it. But I have seen things that work amazingly and think about how God gave that property to that plant. I believe God provided for us when I see we don't need to fight the body to help it fight illness (such as meds for every fever). If a treatment is not based in something God created but rather in something mystic/spiritual, I would have nothing to do with it as it contradicts my personal convictions. My experience with natural remedies is that most of them are more science/nature based than it is spiritual. Of course, it could be that I find that b/c that's what I'm looking for!

But I see the glory of God in his provision for our ailing bodies. And I see a lot of our suffering caused by our cultures decision to eat man-made things instead of the natural food God provided. (see this post) God truly is a good provider. And at times when we do suffer, we have the opportunity to find greater pleasure in God, not in our circumstance.

I haven't had as many practical thoughts to share here lately (I have so much already on the blog), but would love to answer questions, so feel free to ask. :)

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