Friday, September 4, 2009

Swine Flu Shot? Why you should say no....

This article confirms my reasons for concern--untested vaccinations are a risk. And swine flu, in my opinion, is not worth that risk.

Now you might think it's because I haven't dealt with the swine flu, but as I type this, my oldest child is on her third day of suspected swine flu. Actually, she's already back to acting normal today. :) So, now it's just a matter of stay isolated until the fever has been gone 48 hours.

You see, my kids illnesses usually come in the form of a 1 day fever with little to no symptoms (other than the desire to sleep and a bit of ick.) Since we changed our diet and got chemicals out of our house, the girls immunity has been great. So the dreaded swine flu has taken 3 days instead of 1, which seems a long time for us. But her immunity is being built. And once it's over, it's done.

But the risks with vaccinations often involve long-term problems. In fact, the 1976 version of the swine flu vaccine killed more people than the flu. Not a success. Hopefully the medical community will not make such a bad mistake the second time around, but we won't know the results until after the damage is done, therefore, I encourage you to risk an illness instead of an unknown intervention. God made our bodies to deal with illness especially if we take care of bodies.

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