Thursday, July 26, 2012

Extreme Recipe Makeover

At a family gathering, I tried a delicious dish that the cook called "Sammies".  Of course, it had ham (which I almost never touch, as I avoid the "dirty" foods mentioned in the Bible), white flour bread, and sugar.  But it's so easy to make it healthy.  Only problem is I need to exercise self-control not to overeat!

Make your sandwiches as normal.  I use natural sandwich meat DeBecca and Organic Valley raw cheddar cheese.  I make it on my homemade bread.

The standard way to make it is to place sandwiches in a casserole dish, pour sauce over the top, and then cook in the oven (about 350 F) for 20 min or so.  I have also poured it over a grill cheese and meat sandwich I made.  Anyway the sauce is made by mixing:

Melted Butter (make sure it's high quality)
Organic Tamari (organic is important with any soy so it's not GMO)
Mustard powder (or you could use real mustard--we never have any)
Poppy seeds
A dash of Stevia (other sweeteners are ok, but Stevia is the healthiest.  This is one recipe where I think it tastes just as good, which is not always the case.)

When I make things up, I don't measure.  Sorry!  But butter is the main ingredient and largest proportion.  Tamari is less, but a decent amount--the rest is in small amounts.  And I listed them in order from largest to least.  And I taste it before I pour it on. 

A simple conversion and in my opinion a much yummier sandwich.  I especially like that my hearty bread soaks up the sauce so well.

Don't say I didn't warn you that they are addictive.  ENJOY!

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