Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vitamin E--Friend or Foe?

Some studies I saw recently said it could be harmful. Of course other studies show how great it is. Why do the experts not seem to agree? Is it b/c it's so complicated? Actually, I think it has much to do with the way vitamins are made in general. Very few companies actually test the products the labs make for them and many labs are careless. They don't always use high quality ingredients. They also make many different products with the same machines, so the products are contaminated from other products or harsh cleaners. And then there's the fact that God didn't make vitamins in isolation, but as a part of the whole.

So, overall, whole foods are always a better choice. And don't forget that organic products have been shown to contain more vitamins than typical supermarket food. So, I suggest spending your money on organic food and forgetting your multi-vitamin--if it comes down to choosing.

But we live in an unhealthy world and sometimes need a boost of some product. In this case, I think it's worth every penny to get a high quality brand. From the testing that I've seen to companies I trust are RBC and Young Living (both sold thru distributors--one day I may sign up and sell these myself!) From the store, I like Garden of Life, as Jordan Rubin believes in whole foods as well.

So, while I have used Vitamin E as a replacement for Advil for cramps, I've now switched to Primrose Oil (don't worry--it comes in a capsule). Both products work well, but Primrose oil is in a more natural state, so I choose it.

So, next time you see a study on vitamins, remember, the effectiveness of the vitamin is strongly influenced by the quality of the product used. And then make sure you are eating a healthy diet full of vitamins!

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Marsha said...

I agree with you on this! Although I do take vitamins. I am hoping to maybe be able to stop using the pills. I don't think they absorb very well and most of what I take goes down the toilet. I am switching to liquid vitamins that I add to fruit/veggie smoothies that I made each day. My kids have always been bad about eating their greens, so now I make yogurt or kefier smoothies for the whole family that include a big handfull of fresh baby lettuce, fresh fruits and the liquid vitamins. I sweeten with a little stevia. My kids love it and I have peace of mind that they are getting some greens in their diet now.