Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Water--it does the body good!

I've been drinking 2 glasses (4 c.) of water in the morning as I mentioned a while back. It's called the Japanese water cure. Actually, one of the glasses has apple cider vinegar and honey in it too.

My response to it: Wow! I can tell my body is flushing out (talk about being regular...) It think it affects the way I feel in general, too.

Some say you shouldn't drink too much water at once, and I do see that spreading out the drinking has some general advantages, but my experience says drinking the glasses in the morning works.

I also drink my water room temperature--it's less work for the body which has to maintain it's temperature--unless you are out in heat or something.

I was reading recently on Dr. Mercola that distilled is really not good for you. I've heard both side of the argument, but I was finally convinced. I saw the molecular picture of distilled water vs. regular water and they were not the same. So distilled water is altered and it also is bad for your body's ph levels. BUT don't worry about a glass--it's the habit that matters.

Ok, so to drink healthy water you have to carry it with you. Which leads to...."What kind of bottle?" Personally, I use glass. :) We buy our Kombucha (as opposed to making it) in 16 oz bottles, which are perfect to clean and refill and take along. Now, you might worry about it breaking, but the other day I actually dropped one, while standing on to concrete and it showed no sign of damage! That's thick glass for ya! One thing I really like about the glass bottles is we have many of them, so I can fill them all up and just grab one when I'm ready to go.

Of course, you can also go with stainless steel if you prefer. It's recently be brought up on a forum I'm on that Nalgene bottles are not healthy after all. But think about it--even before the tests came to light. Plastic is a mixture of chemicals. Not a great thing for your food or water. And sometimes the water tastes plastic-y b/c it probably is! Metal and glass have been around for ages, so they are the "safer" choice. But do skip the aluminum, which is linked to Alzheimer's.

Especially with summer coming up, make sure you give your body the water it needs.


D-Ann said...

I love Dr. Mercola. I've been thinking I should try the Apple Cider Vinegar, but I didn't even think about honey. I shall try that tomorrow.

Marsha said...

Thanks for the reminder. I'll go get a glass of water now!