Monday, October 27, 2008

A "Normal" Meal?

As I was eating dinner the other night I was considering how normal my meal seemed but how different it truly was. We had Hamburgers and Fries! YUM!

So, why is that different?

Well, let's start with the buns--I made them earlier in the week. First, we ground the whole wheat grain in our grain mill and then soaked it with raw Apple Cider Vinegar overnight for all our bread for the week. They next day, I made it using natural ingredients, such as honey for the sweetener. When I made the bread some of it I made into rolls and then squished them flat for hamburger buns! The fresh bread tastes so good!

And then there's the meat--it was actually ground venison! I can't really taste the difference on a hamburger. This is my low cost way of getting meat without hormones or antibiotics. Wild food is much better than something "caged" in a barn. And I get the extras from the hunter in my family--what a blessing!

Next there are the fries--they are store-bought--GASP! But there are sweet potato fries made with good oils (and I think they are organic--but I don't have the package any more!) I love to add Real Salt (that's a brand name) as I really enjoy my salt!

How about the toppings? Besides Organic green leaf lettuce, we have homemade ketchup (with organic tomato sauce, honey, tamari, raw apple cider vinegar, fresh minced garlic, and Real Salt) and Mayo (store-bought and made with grape seed oil.)

I guess that's about it for a "normal" meal at my house! It is possible to be healthy without giving up all your old favorites--if you are willing to invest a bit of time in the kitchen. And it's an investment that will pay great dividends!


Cara said...

I sure wish we had all of those options, but we've had several meals at our house that I thought similarly about. Mainly the number of homemade items.

Lymeade Lady said...

It's definitely more work with less options--I wish I could share my options with you! It rarely feels like I have many options b/c of eating "strictly" and b/c of the price of the healthy convenience foods--they have to be a treat! Thanks for reminding me for reasons to be thankful!

Cara said...

Oh, I understand the whole "options that are not options" thing. In truth, some of the things that you mentioned are actually available at one grocery store in the capital that has a decent selection of organic items. The prices, though, are exorbitant, so we just don't have those things. Similar, I know, to your situation.