Monday, November 3, 2008

A "Normal" Breakfast

I just had to share about breakfast! Yum. Today we had whole-grain pancakes that taste almost like white flour pancakes (made in a blender with Sue Gregg's recipe.) But the really exciting part is that we got to have butter. Real butter! It is made from raw pasture-fed cow's milk and made by a little old lady and sold on her farm. We just found this source of butter, so I'm really excited. Normally we buy pastured organic butter at the store, but my family can't have it b/c of allergies, so I'm the only one to use it. But I think the raw butter they can have (I'll let you know if I'm wrong--they CAN have raw goat milk, so I'm hoping raw cow's milk is the same.)

And then to top it all off, real maple syrup--I wouldn't touch Aunt Jemima's syrup with chemical flavoring and corn syrup which doesn't taste great and is horrible for your health. So, yes, maple syrup is expensive, but it is our treat to replace soda, candy, etc, so I find it worth the cost! Maple syrup is always great for your health--how many sweeteners can claim that?????

Now I really like to add eggs to balance it out, but we didn't this morning--but with the new butter, it was quite satisfying!


Cara said...

Yum! You know, don't you, that I'm going to be calling you incessantly the first week+ that we're in the States asking where to buy all this stuff, don't you? :-P You're my source!

Lymeade Lady said...

I'll pick you up some butter if you'll remind me. :)