Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Making a New Year's Resolution to Get in Shape?

I love T-Tapp. It's one reason I hardly need a chiropractor anymore. They currently have the Basic Workout on VHS for only $15. So, for you penny-pinchers that have a VHS players, you can now try T-tapp with just a bit of Christmas money. Why T-tapp? Read this post. And notice that post was over a year old--and it's still my favorite!

Go to the store and click Super closeouts on the top left. I'd be happy to share how I do a modified Basic Workout if anyone is dealing with health problems similar to mine--just e-mail.

I wanted to share the link to the 12 days of Christmas you-tube that I posted last year, but it's changed. It was posted last year and got 8 million hits and so the group has gotten back together now and made an album. is the group's site or you can still see the original video at: Merry Christmas!

May 2009 bring you good health and good cheer! God Bless You!


The Fortunate Flores' said...

can you still do ttap when your pregnant?

Lymeade Lady said...

Yes. There is a whole section for T-Tapping Mommies (expecting) on the website. There are no moves that require you to lay on your back, which is the one thing I was cautioned about when pregnant (Ask you dr and make sure he doesn't have other restrictions). And I would especially recommend t-tapp after the baby comes to help get your tummy flat again. I tried it quite a while after my second daughter and lost a pant size within weeks b/c my stomach was so saggy before!