Friday, February 15, 2008

Cure for Colds and Ailments--Homeopathic

The best way to fight a cold is avoid it. Nutrition and cleanliness play a key part in this. Do you know the Bible tells us to wash our hands, get rid of things with mold, and that we are dirty if we do things like touch something dead? Only in recent history has hygiene been understood.

But sometimes we get sick or injured or need help with chronic problems from the years before we understood about good nutrition. I've found that it's helpful to have multiple tools in my tool box. Today, I'll start with homeopathic, b/c it's the one I used today!

Here's my over-simplified, unprofessional explanation of what homeopathy is. Homeopathics work on principles of energy. A small particle of a substance is shaken and then diluted and shaken and diluted again. Somehow, in this shaking, the substance's energy affects the water. And when we take this small amount of substance, it is completely safe. And the energy works with our body to heal. However, the trick is that only the right remedy works. And the remedies are based on lots of very specific symptoms that should all match (like cold hands, small pupils, fearful, etc.)

Now, how do you start? Well, I never really knew what to do with it until I found a great book: Easy Homeopathy which makes it simple. It gives you an introduction to homeopathy, detailed information about the 7 most commonly used homeopathic remedies, and lists the possible remedies for basic problems. So, we bought the 7 remedies from our health food store and I love it. When one of the kids is really sick, one of them usually fits their symptoms and their symptoms are usually less in 30 min and gone in less than 24 hours. If you use the wrong remedy it doesn't help. And occasionally nothing will fit, but that's a good reason to have multiple tools in your toolbox!

Now, what I used today. I happened to be reading something today about fibromyalgia and how arnica montana (one of the homeopathics) is good for the bruised feeling. I did have a spot on my back that was hurting and felt very bruised. I'd had it for a couple days and tried 2 different things on the spot that normal work great, but with no real help. (I often get awful knots in my upper back and shoulders from Lyme disease.) We have this remedy in pill form, but also have arnica massage oil, so I opted for the oil. Within 15 min., the bruised feeling was gone and has not returned even half a day later! That's a solution I won't soon forget! When homeopathics work, they don't work halfway!

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