Sunday, February 3, 2008

Make Your Recipes Healthier by Substituting Healthier Ingredients

While a few of your recipes may not be worth the trouble, many recipes can be salvaged by substituting good ingredients. It's simple. Here's some suggested substitutes:

Salt ------------>RealSalt or Celtic Sea Salt

Sugar---------->Sucanot or Honey or Maple Syrup or Agave or Stevia

White Flour---->Wheat Flour (Pastry Flour or "White Whole Wheat" are lighter than regular Whole Wheat)

White Flour for thickening---->Corn Starch or Arrowroot Powder

White Rice---->Soaked Brown Rice

Canned Beans------> homemade beans (preferably soaked)

Vegetable Oil----->Extra Virgin Olive Oil (if not heating) or Ex. Vir. Coconut Oil (if heating very high)

Milk---->Raw Milk


Vinegar (balsamic, white, or whatever)----->Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (like Bragg's brand)

Soy Sauce----->Organic Tamari (organic is essential with soy to avoid GMO's)

Canned Vegetables---->Fresh (if possible) or Frozen Vegetables

The goal is to use quality ingredients in whole food cooking. If you replace the staples in your pantry, you'll find that cooking healthy can be simple.

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