Monday, March 3, 2008

Is that soy your eating? Think again--it might be DRANO!

Our family pretty much avoids soy. The only exception is organic tamari sauce. It's not GMO (you only know that if it's organic) and it's fermented so it can actually be digested. (By the way, if you wonder why you should be concerned about this, here's more about GMO's.) And 50% of soybeans are GMO and are not labeled as such.

But today I learned even more about how wonderful soy is not. They even finish off the processing with the same chemical that we all use as Drano to unclog our drains. Anyone know what the Drano label says to do if accidentally swallowed?

If you want to do further research, here's the article: The Drano part is under the processing section.

But you know, soy stuff should be a bit intuitive. You could prove to me that Drano is not used with soy beans and I still wouldn't eat soy. I mean, beans don't magically turn into cheese or meat or butter, any more than they grow into a beanstalk to the clouds! If it didn't obviously come from a bean, it's probably not how we were intended to eat it.

Add to this the knowledge that native people have--beans and grains need to be soaked before they are eaten or made into bread or whatever. The soaking get rid of the toxins, like the phytic acid--something soy has a a lot of.

Sometimes I imagine God teaching Adam and Eve how to prepare food and it being past on for centuries only to have us moderns think we know so much better how to prepare food. The natives all did stuff we don't and science shows they were healthier. So, I'm slowing trying to re-incorporate these things in my life to see how much health I can get back. Hope your on the journey with me!