Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lymeade Lady's Guacamole--Recipe for a yummy immune booster

Guacamole is one thing I really like to make. I don't have an exact measurements as I do it all to taste and avocados can vary in size. But it's pretty easy to make and great for your health.

Cut avocado into 6 pieces. Peel skin. (this prevents waste and mess.) Mash with a fork into bowl. (Save seed to store with leftovers, though I never have any!)

Add to taste:
Finely chopped onion (about a half on a small onion)
Minced garlic (1-2 cloves)
Sea salt (such as real salt or Celtic Sea Salt--I use about 1/2 to 1 tsp.)
A squeeze of fresh lemon juice (you can also use lime--it would fit the recipe name better!)
Cayenne pepper (small amount to give kick- maybe an 1/8 tsp., but better to add too little than too much)

Avocados are one food you can eat non-organic without much worry--it rarely needs pesticides. But get them fresh. I prefer the onion, garlic, and lemon to be organic and the cayenne pepper to be "non-irradiated".

Ok, so you have this great guac. Think carefully before you spoil it with hydrogenated, genetically modified corn chips. But at least find some healthy chips! I'm currently working on making homemade sprouted tortillas--if it works I might branch out to making chips. But for now I get organic chips with good oil.

If you want to go way healthy, try dipping carrots in it. I came up with this when I was breaking the fast with my first Master Cleanse . It keeps it in the raw food category and is surprisingly really good. Definitely the way to go if your under the weather and looking for a good way to eat raw onion and garlic without suffering!

Happy eating! Please let me know if you have suggestions for the recipe!


My Blog said...

I am just starting master cleanse today and will try this guacamole when I break the fast in 10 days. Thanks!

Lymeade Lady said...

Good luck! I'd love to hear results on your cleanse.