Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A daily diet soda could cause tumors!

Just one more experiment that confirms, if God didn't make it, it's not meant to be food.

In the following link, you can see a picture of what happened when mice were given daily aspartame (Equal/Nutrisweet) to equal 2/3 of that in a single can of soda--adjusted for their body weight.

Two things I found interesting. One, the results took time to show up. The experiment lasted 2 years and 8 months. Most experiments are done short-term without considering the cumulative affect. The difference is this one was done privately by a lady who wanted evidence to show her family. This is why I think the Weston A. Price study is one of the most accurate. He examined the diets of people who had eaten certain foods for generations vs. those who had switched to modern foods. And the differences were dramatic. Most modern studies are done short-term and only consider one or two aspects of the diet.

Second, they were only given aspartame, not diet sodas. Diet sodas (or sodas in general) have lots of other man-made substances, like artificial flavors. So, it is likely that drinking diet cokes (as we say in the south) is worse than this experiment even shows!


Marsha said...

I knew aspartame was bad a long time ago and soda really add bad to it. I myself have trouble with aspartame. I began to notice that when I drank a diet soda or ate foods with aspartame, I would wake up in the early morning hours of the morning with pain in the low back, kidney area that would not be relieved unless I got up and went to the bathroom. For a long time I didn't put 2 and 2 together. Then I started cleaning up my diet and noticed the problem went away. Then I might "treat" myself at some point with a soda or a sugar free treat sweetned with aspartame and I'd be awakened again in the early morning hours with pain in my low back. After repeating this several times, I realized it had to be the aspartame. About a month or more ago, I bought Yoplait Yogurt with the blue lid. I wasn't thinking about what it was sweetned with. After a eating it, I noticed the pain had returned, but didn't think to look at the sweetner in the yogurt (it's a "health food" after all!) but when the pain continued and got worse, I got smart...viola! Aspartame in the yogurt! Since then I have banned blue top Yoplait Yogurt from my house. I refuse to let my kids pick out blue topped ones at the store now.
You mentioned Weston Price. I am just becoming familiar with his work through the book "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon. Great book. It has taught me a lot. For instance, as a Celiac the villi in my small intestine are already compromised from years of undiagnosed Celiac, but what I didn't know was I was causing myself more malnutrition by drinking pasturized milk...all the enzymes are killed and the milk protien is changed so that it gums up the villi and prevents them from absorbing nutrition as well. I was double whammied! No wonder I have osteoporosis! Here I was dutifully drinking my milk for strong bones and it was working against me!!! :-(

Lymeade Lady said...

Thanks for sharing your story! We have to be so careful to read labels of store-bought food! They can be full of little "surprises".

Nourishing Traditions is a great book. I tried a few recipes and was less than pleased with the results, but it is the best information about nutrition I've seen