Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sleep..ah the bliss!

Do you know that if your too tired, you can't sleep? At least that's been my problem lately. I got on something from my "doctor" for adrenals and now I can sleep at night! I was getting past the point of exhaustion before dinner and then unable to relax. None of the other insomnia remedies were working for me.

So, now I can follow my own advice: Go to bed early. Do you know that every hour of sleep before midnight is supposed to be twice as productive? Talk about saving time. I do know that it is more natural to sleep when it's dark and wake when it's light. The daylight programs your body and so it's also best to sleep in complete dark.

Let me list a few effects of not sleeping: lack of clarity in thinking, inability to cope with stress, lowered immune function, not producing some certain chemical that prevents cancer (real scientific, I know!), and of course TIREDNESS!!

In Biblical times, dreams were considered to be from God. So, when Joseph told of a dream about 12 bales of hay bowing down, his brothers got mad! They took it as symbolic, but true....unless Joseph was making the dream up. And in fact, it was true. Most dreams though are not prophetic, but rather just processing our emotions. But think of it this way--you can pay a counselor to help you process your emotions or you can sleep. (Not that counselors don't have a place, but substituting for sleep is not one of them!)

I'm always talking about taking things in steps--well this is definitely a process. I consider going to bed 15 min. earlier progress and rejoice in that. Take time to rejoice in your little victories this week and thanks for letting me share mine with you.

PS--now you know why my post count is low this month--less sleep leads to less productivity and creativity!


Mom's Musings said...

My adrenal fatigue often deprives me of sleep. I can relate to all of the things you have said about how it makes you feel - CRUMMY! I am living today on only four hours sleep from last night... sigh... Hope you are sleeping peacefully tonight! ;-)

Lymeade Lady said...

Thanks! I hope you sleep well too!

I've been using honey to help me sleep since I discovered this:

So, I've been sleeping well as long as I don't over-extend myself like the last week! Oh, well, some time life demands and I have to answer. Regardless, the honey really seems to help me wake up feeling like I actually rested!