Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kitchen Essentials--Tools for the Natural Cook

First let's dream.... Your setting up your wedding registry and already health conscious (wish I was back then). What should you put on it?

  • Stainless steel pans without the non-stick (preferably waterless cookware, like Saladmaster)
  • A Cast iron pan or griddle (to replace non-stick) By the way, it also works to have a hot pan and cold oil--even eggs don't stick bad!
  • Glass and Corningware-type oven and storage containers (avoid plastic.) If you get enough, you can double dishes and freeze half so you have frozen dinners with none of the processed food!)
  • Stoneware for non-stick oven needs (such as muffin tins, bread dishes, and cookie trays)--I LOVE Pamper Chef's. Avoid aluminum and non-stick pans.
  • A toaster oven (for reheating, since microwaves are NOT the best).
  • A grain-mill (fresh flour is much healthier.)
  • A Bosch mixer with food processor and blender attachments. You'll use these for everything since it's much healthier to cook from scratch. The mixer is MUCH better than a bread machine.)
  • A garlic press and a homemade salad dressing mixer container (again, I love Pampered Chef's!)
  • A Juicer (the kind the juices carrots and such--like the Juiceman Jr.)
  • A few plastic storage containers (a very few! I try to avoid plastic, but use a tall approx. 2 cup kind to freeze chicken broth in. Since it's frozen, I don't worry about the stuff getting into it. If you prefer, you can pop them out of the container and store in something else once their frozen. I love having 2 cups of broth already measured out for me (the measurements are marked on the side.
  • A large crock pot (so you can put a whole chicken in it and make broth.)

Well, now, that's my list of kitchen essentials. BUT, in reality I don't even have all of those yet. And it's almost 10 years too late for a wedding registry. So instead, I'm saving up for stuff and have been slowing gathering tools for a healthy kitchen.

Do you have a favorite kitchen tool I didn't include? If so, please share it.


DaRcI said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, God bless!

Kelsey S said...

Awesome tools I really need to upgrade some of mine!