Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Healthy chips?

Well, I'm not sure I believe chips are healthy. As of yet, I haven't tried making my own, so they are still a processed food at my house. But I thought I'd share my trick for making them super delicious by adding only healthy stuff!

First, take a organic chips that have no hydrogenated oils. Place in a bowl. (Unsalted or with sea salt is best).

Second, put several scoops of coconut oil on the chips--spreading it out a bit.

Third, sprinkle with RealSalt. This is the way salt should be--healthy and good for you! These days I crave salt--apparently that's due to adrenal fatigue--common with chronic illness or just modern-day stress.

Fourth, heat (in a toaster oven or oven, of course, since microwaves are neither healthy nor helpful for food texture.)

This is a great way to get chips that are as good or better than the restaurant chips that are so tempting. It's amazing what heating them alone does. Don't cheat on the organic part unless you find some actually labeled "NO GMO's". Otherwise you're likely eating mutated/indigestible "food"!

One day I'll actually figure out how to make my own chips and maybe then I can claim they are healthy. Until then, at least I can make them decent. I have to have something to eat guac and salsa with. I'm from Texas!

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