Monday, January 21, 2008

Breaking the food code--Is health intuitive?

I believe the Creator meant food choices, health, and "medication" to be obvious and intuitive. Let me give you a few examples:

If your circulation is bad, cayenne peppers (as food or as a supplement) helps. Hmm...they are "hot."

Carrots are good for your eyes and when you slice them, they look like an eye.

Tomatos are good for your heart and what part of our body are they most like?

When you burn your finger, you stick it in your mouth. The best thing for a burn is to replace the lost water immediately. Don't numb it with ice until after you've run it under the water a minute.

When you eat only whole foods, you will find your body craving things and communicating quite clearly. But if you eat artificially tampered with food, your body craves the wrong things. For example, your body expects sweets foods to have plenty of nutrients. But when you eat white sugar or white flour, your body actually uses up stores of nutrients to digest this stripped food. So, it craves more food. I find I never really feel full (or at least content) when I eat out unless I avoid bread.

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