Monday, January 7, 2008

Health Spa at Home

I recently put together for myself a list of things I could do to boost my health. I got to try it out partially one day and I'm using this list to help me do a much as possibly on a daily basis. One thing I wanted to do was try to eat foods that allow the body more energy to heal, so I leaned toward the vegetarian, though I don't really do this every day.

I took out all my meds/supplements and a few Lyme specific things so I could share with you a plan for a health boosting day. Take a few things. I admit I'm an idealist, so even I don't accomplish all the things I plan out, but I like to shoot for the stars and reach the moon!

Skin Brushing
Apple Cider Vinegar drink
Breakfast (Fresh Carrot Juice and Fruit)

Immunopower (Immune boosting essential oil on feet)
Sit in Sun (15-30 min)
Kombucha (fermented drink)
T-Tapp or jump on mini-tramp

ACV drink
Lunch (Salad and Soup from Chicken Broth)

Ningxia Red Juice
Rest (take some deep breathes)
Spicy Lemonade
Fruit for snack

ACV drink
Dinner (Carrot Juice as 1st course and no processed food for meal) and Tonic (post coming soon!)

To bed by 10 (Early to bed...makes a man's really true!)

Until we claim our health back!

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