Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cure for Cancer?

I found this interesting article today. http://media.www.studentprintz.com/media/storage/paper974/news/2007/01/23/Opinion/Scientists.Cure.Cancer.But.No.One.Takes.Notice-2667600.shtml
I pretty much avoid drugs of any kind, but I thought it was interesting that they found a drug recently that seems it might stop cancer. Right now the cancer cure seems almost as bad as the disease and not a sure thing. I've seen several natural things that are also used on cancer patients. But what is exciting about this drug, is for those who prefer traditional medicine, it might be a lot less painful and more effective treatment. But what is so sad, is that it's something that does not have a patent and so will not likely be picked up by the drug companies. Man, do I think this system is broke. But I hope some doctors will be able to utilize this treatment and improve the traditional medical approach to cancer. And I can keep hoping and working to see that the natural approaches have more freedom to share the cures and helps they offer.

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