Monday, January 14, 2008

Is your body suffering from health debt?

I used to think, "I'm healthy--Why worry?" Now I realize, it was sorta like saying, "I can make the payments, so what's wrong with adding more credit card debt?" Our bodies are able to handle amazing amounts of stress, toxins, and germs. But eventually the scales tip if we add more negatives than positives. Alot of people wouldn't dare treat their cars as badly as their bodies! And we wonder why we should care what's good or bad for our bodies when we seem "perfectly healthy". Of course, we may not realize that small things, like catching lots of colds or skin problems or allergies or frequent headaches, may be a sign we need to look closer at how healthy we really are.

For me, when I was under a lot of pressure and still not paying attention to my health, I got Lyme disease. Can you say "Wake up call!" So, now I'm trying to tip the scales back. The more small health changes I make, the more the scales get close to normal. And right now, I'm feeling like a real person again! (Those with chronic illness will know what I'm talking about.) It really works.

But, I've wised up, when I get the scales back to reading "healthy", I'm not going to be satisfied. Nope! I've learned my lesson and will be getting a good store of healthy habits so I'm ready for the flu season, for an epidemic, for stress, or whatever. You see, I've been a slave to disease already, and I won't be foolish to end up being a slave a second time. And my hope is that as I share what I find "tips the scales", my readers will learn from my mistakes and store up lots of good health before the hard times come.

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